Lenovo ThinkPad E455 AMD A6 Laptop

presumably upgradeable to win 10 for free??

Edit never mind… just found the answer in the pictures…YES

Note that the picture is wrong - not of a Thinkpad E455

I’m not seeing that it’s different from anywhere else on the web. Why do you think the photo’s wrong?

How do you use XP mode?

Technical support for XP Mode has been discontinued. However, here’s instructions on how to use it.

:slight_smile: thanks!

Title says
AMD A6-7000 2.2GHz (Turbo up to 3GHz)
1MB Cache

Specs say
AMD A4-7000 2.2GHz (Turbo up to 3GHz)
1MB Cache

With Intel 5500 graphics on a AMD product??

Can we get the correct specs please.

Thanks for the call out. Fixed.

Integrated AMD Radeon R4