Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Laptop



Not the best bang for your buck in terms of raw specs, but build quality seems way above average for this class (at least for the 14" model). Also has better drivers/utilities and less bloatware than most low-mid grade laptops. I’d buy another if I had a use for it.


Bigger screen is cheaper?

OS difference.

14" >> Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
15.6" >> Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Here’s the CPU Benchmark charts for this if that’s what tickles your fancy.


You can get current generation AMD A4 or A6 CPU laptops with 4GB of RAM for this same price range. The Turion CPUs run hot, too. This isn’t much of a deal.


I just can’t ever go back to a 768-line display again. This is above the average HP shovelware (albeit a pseudothinkpad), but I can’t really say you get much bang for your Buckyball on an undervolted Athlon and no L3 cache.


Differences between Home Premium & Professional: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_7_editions#Comparison_chart

Really nothing to worry about for most users, I’d think?


Good god, it’s on par with the ULVs and Celerons? So sad.


Eh, there are some obnoxious omissions - no RDP host, no support for being on a domain, and no XP mode, which lets you run apps in a virtualized XP if they have troubles with Win7.

I was going to say sure, it’d be fine for your mom, but I was actually aware of the domain issue precisely because my mother is a teacher and couldn’t join her laptop to the domain because of this. But for most people’s mothers it would probably be fine.

Also, protip for future reference: throw some url tags in there to make your link a link.


And hard drive:

Hard Drive:
14" >> 320GB SATA (7200rpm)
15.6" >> 250GB SATA (5400rpm)



Fry’s loss-leader Lenovo last week was no worse than this for $259. You can probably beat this price at Fry’s or MicroCenter just by checking the sale prices once a week. Cheers!


Bought a few Thinkpad XE100’s during that last sellout and they have been perfect for running Excel and casual pron viewing by employees in the warehouse/field. Bought two more 14", yay!


Yes we need the mac apple laptop some too…try and get some here as soon as possible


Slow cpu, low res screen, shared graphics, small hard drive (and the 15.6" is only a 5400 rpm), really really really low ram (even less with the shared graphic card) and a price that’s within a few twenty’s of a brand new AND FAST lappy.

Running Win7 on this would be a major snooze.

Common Woot! You’re supposed to be offering specials that will make us exclaim “Woot!” not “Meh!”

And I’m shopping for two lappys for birthday gifts right now - and I’m still shopping after stopping by Woot.com


Sorry, only time for one post and don’t have time to wait for the answer since I have to be up in the morning. There were two woots for the Thinkpad Edge, one with 2 models June 17, looks like the same price of $329.99/359.99:


took a guess at the product page as above, since the model # question was never answered that I could find.

There was the other woot with only the 15.6" June 4: model 0302A22

I actually made a post for:

So, is the 15.6" the same in both woots? Does the product page above from Merlin330 link to the right model? Do I have the right support stuff for the Edge? Sorry I can’t wait for the answer. Good night.


Really? I’m not sure what you guys are doing on your computers. But I run a desktop with comparable specs at the office and it runs more than well enough, for everything that isn’t gaming. Gawd knows you need the latest processor to load your facebook extra fast.

Thinkpads are fantastic too. Great built quality. If I was in the market for a spare PC laptop I’d totally consider the 14in, which for me is the sweet spot in laptop size.

The biggest draw back for me here is the screen resolution, and maybe the fact that it only has 2gigs of ram, but ram is cheapy cheap.


Bottom line. If you can be satisfied with a sub-par machine with an ancient processor, grab it.

14" >> Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
15.6" >> Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


My thoughts exactly. Newegg has this beat day in and day out.


The only thing that even makes this acceptable is that it’s a Lenovo. Lenovo laptops are top notch as far as build quality goes. The hardware itself is so out of date its laughable. In a day and age where you can buy refurbished AMD A6 and A8 laptops for under $400 and brand new AMD A6/8 and Intel i3 laptops on sale for $400-450, this is a really hard sell.