Lenovo Thinkpad L510 15.6" Intel Laptop


Lenovo Thinkpad L510 15.6" Intel Laptop
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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11/13/2014 - $259.99 (Woot Plus)

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Thinkpad L510 Product Support

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I would consider this as a replacement for my slide rule, but that’s still working…

Whoa, that’s a classic you got there… The SL510 is a rebadged IdeaPad, so it doesn’t have any of the Thinkpad firmware, there’s no UltraBay swapable drives/battery/etc options, stuff like the thinklight isn’t there, and this Core2 duo model is only the first step up from the previous Celeron glacial models.

On the upside, you can bump the memory up to 8GB, the housing is bulletproof, it has the great classic TPad keyboard (not the more recent cheap chicklet/ibook style keys), UltraNav is sweet, and according to Lenovo’s site, the only screen offered on the L510 was 1366x768 16:9 (not 1280x800). Antiglare to boot.

You could do worse.

I have the L512 and love it! Watch the small hard drive tho as it won’t hold much if you’re into collecting media.
I’ve owned 3 Think Pads and have used several in the office. They are universally fast, responsive and reliable.

Hope Factory Refurbished does a better job than the other Lenovo refurbisher as far as batteries go. My ThinkPad T420 I got from woot has a battery that lasts about 15 minutes on a good day.

Other than that it is a stellar laptop.

In the picture, it appears to have a built-in webcam. Is that the case?

A Core2Duo T5870 is an ancient processor. It’s roughly the speed of today’s newer Atom processors (like the Atom Z3745), but doesn’t have some of the built in optimizations (like 1080p video playback) the newer Atoms have. You also won’t get comparative battery life out of it either.

Lenovo is generally a very good laptop manufacturer, but don’t be fooled here; this system is SLOW by today’s standards. Fine for general web browsing, office productivity, and… email, but not a lot else.

Would be better if it were 32bit so Google Voice and Skype would work!

We were not told about a webcam so we’re gonna say now.

The picture is a lie!

I had the same question. Everything I read about the L510 says it has a integrated camera.

Picture is actually an SL510, not L510

whatever… .

This thing was a rotten deal. It was in no way refurbished. Scratched screen, sun faded and lint still in the ports. It was just used and still dirty from the office it came out of. If I don’t get a response from Woot on this, I am going to send back to the from address and do a charge back on my card.

Wow, I’m very sorry. CS should get back to you in 24-48 hrs.