Lenovo Thinkpad T430 14" Intel i5 Laptop

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 14" Intel i5 Laptop

Does this have Bluetooth ?

At least MOST T430 have bluetooth.
I have been told that It is a small daughterboard under the keyboard bezel.
A number of users have had difficulty with it, due to cable problems, AND/OR the driver being disabled during Windows10 upgrade, and needing to find and reinstall a driver.
If you have one, try pressing FN + F5 as first step for turning it on.

There is a 34mm Expresscard slot (sorry,NOT 54mm). and there might be an add-on bluetooth, or a USB dongle.

The T430 is also available in a 1600x900 video, This one is probably the 1366 x 768.

Power supplies range from 65W (remember the original IBM PC 5150?), to 90W, 135W. The 170W requires cutting out some extraneous tabs in the connector.

The 430 has the full-height ultra-bay, so can use both the thin (7mm and 9.5mm?) and the fat (12.5mm?) modules, although handle gently if you have a thin module unsupported in the fat slot. The UltraBay is where you put your optical drive. OR, a caddy with ANOTHER HDD (A few days ago, Woot was selling a 1TB SSD for $84.95!)

There is a cheap dock that can be added. SOME versions of the dock (“series 3” #4338-35FU) add a third USB3 port and up to 6 additional USB2 ports. Some other versions of the dock add eSATA, instead of third USB3, and I’m not sure whether THAT works on the T430. Some versions of the dock will drive TWO monitors (DVIs and Mini-displayports)

For MY uses, the T430 is THE BEST laptop.
But, other people have other needs and preferences.

Hi there. This one does not have Bluetooth.