Lenovo ThinkPad T430 14" 500G SSD Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad T430 14" 500G SSD Laptop
Price: $369.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Sweet, a fast SSD and the perfect screen size to play all my 720p videos from 2009!
Nothing can stop me now! Thank you woot.

Processor bit slower than the earlier Lenovo offers, 4008, but still not bad:

Laptop Mag back then didn’t like the dim display (but this is not a new problem for Lenovo) nor the small touchpad, but loved, loved, loved it otherwise:
and this was before the Lenovo disaster of taking away the three-dimensional touchpad buttons in the _40 series
If you prefer a video look:
Computer Shopper liked it, too:


I used a T430 for a couple years. With an SSD they are really nice laptops for business use. I wouldn’t recommend it for home use due to the screen and speakers. The touchpad is relatively small, but it has a nice texture to it that makes it very easy to find without looking down. It also makes it difficult to accidentally touch it when you didn’t mean to.

One of my favorite things about these T series laptops is the touchpad actually. The driver you get with it allows extensive control–gestures, hot corners, sensitivity, adjustable margins that can be ignored to initiate touch to avoid accidental palm gestures, etc. Really quite amazing if you enjoy dialing-in your experience for maximum efficiency.

The T430 is a little thick and a bit heavy, but it’s built like a brick and most of the parts are easily replaceable.

I put a Samsung 850 Evo Pro SSD in mine, with 16GB of ram (both are easy upgrades) and it was screaming fast.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T430 14" 500G SSD Laptop that is on sale today, 1) what’s the model number; 2) both Windows 10 & Windows 7 listed as the operating system in the description/specifics, so which is it, and 3) does it support 2 exterior monitors?

It seems like a good computer for the price?

Edit: I got a non-reply from staff. 1) I could ask my questions if I knew the model#; 2) expecting the OS to be listed consistently isn’t an over-the-top request?!

"Upon checking the details, I see that, there is no item model number specified.

In this case, I’d like you to contact the manufacturer to know more details of the product.

Please follow the link below to contact the manufacturer:


Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this regard. We hope to see you soon."

Best regards,

Attention Woot Staff:

Description says Win 10 Pro, specs say Win 7. Which is it?

Kinda, sorta really important.

Used to have one of these for work but it had 1600x900, wireless AC, and Win7 Pro.

With this having 1366x768, no wireless AC and Win10, it’s a no-deal.

I’ll pass your questions along to our vendor and maybe we can get you a better set of answers.

I’ve asked our Vendor Team for clarification.

Gungnir5 asked:
3) does it support 2 exterior monitors?

Having used Thinkpad “T” series since the T41, I can affirm that without a doubt, this laptop can support dual external displays (this capability has existed since the T410 - unless you have a dock, in which case it was supported since the T-43).

I cannot, however, confirm that this one’s attached display does not mirror one of those external displays.

Ok, so I just heard back from my vendor team. Their answers are:

1)Q: Model Number? A: We don’t have exact model numbers because the laptop is refurbished.

2)Q: 10 or 7? A: It comes with Windows 10.

3)Q: Two screens? A:It supports monitor connections via VGA and Mini DisplayPort.

Hope that helps!

If they would have thrown Windows 7 Pro in there it would be worth the price…

Noticed that too. Lacking overlord input, I would assume 7Pro is loaded and eligible for 10 upgrade for free.

How is the 8Gb of RAM configured? Are both bays populated with 4Gb modules? Or, is there only a single 8Gb RAM module installed?

I actually answered this question above in the forum, but just to make it clearer:

This laptop comes with WINDOWS 10

Only important if you actually USE windows. If I get one, windows will go away and Linux will magically appear!

Extremely displeased with the low quality of this “refurb.” It wasn’t even cleaned. Some “skin” has been crudely applied to the case (fuzz/hair is stuck in the tape/skin). The underlying case appears to be badly damaged. This skin will likely peel-off, soon. IT DOES NOT HAVE THE PROCESSOR LISTED IN THE SPEC!!! It’s actually a faster (2.9Ghz) CPU… but it’s NOT what I ordered. This is terrible – won’t buy another computer from a third-party refurbisher.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.