Lenovo Thinkpad T440 14" 500GB Laptop

I purchased this model of T440 last time this sale was up, and after receiving it I installed a few upgrades.

A couple discoveries I thought I should note for anyone else looking to buy.

  1. It seems to only support 8GB of RAM max. There is not a 4gb RAM chip soldered to the main board, and there is only a single RAM slot on the main board. I installed a 8gb ddr3l chip and it runs great.

  2. There is a single M.2 42mm port available(in addition to the single 2.5" drive bay) that can either be used to install a WWAN card to give your laptop cellular connectivity, or to install a small SSD drive. This m.2 port is NOT the same port that the WiFi card is installed in, so you can have WiFi + SSD or WWAN