Lenovo Thinkpad T440P 14" Intel Laptop

it’s a solid laptop and supports dual-boot CloudReady

Good solid laptop. I’m typing on one with almost exactly the same specs right now. It and my S&D refurb wooted Galaxy S5 are my daily computing drivers.

Some caveats, however:

I found mine used on Ebay about two years ago (when it was only “last year’s model” by about a month) for $25-50 less than this, and I have a 1600x900 screen, unlike the laughable 1366x768 in this offer. You may want to look around for a better price.

If you’re looking to upgrade the RAM, unless you’re reeeally good with a razor blade, I don’t think there’s any way to do so without breaking the warranty sticker, as there’s only a single panel on the bottom to get access to all the innards. (My T60 back in the day had separate panels for just about everything.)

Also, while you’ve got that back cover off, if you’re getting this for the Thinkpad’s signature trackpoint mouse, be prepared to swap in an aftermarket trackpad from the xx50 series (about $20 on eBay), because someone at Lenovo (who may have been sacked after the xx40 series. Who knows?) decided that discrete buttons were unnecessary on this model, and that it only needed the single button under the whole trackpad, with the finger location determining which button you actually meant. This may be okay if you only use the trackpad, but it can be nightmarish if you’re a trackpoint user.

Replacing the trackpad isn’t terribly hard (especially with Thinkpad service manuals being fairly easy to find), and it also makes turning off the touchpad part without disabling your mouse buttons much less of a headache, no matter what drivers or OS you’re using.

(Speaking of OSes, yes, it does run Linux. I’ve had the KDE versions of Fedora and Mint on here, and I’m pondering Manjaro to get back to my beloved ArchLinux. The only trouble I’ve experienced is restoring from full powered-down hibernation, but don’t know how much of that has to do with my habit of using full-disk encryption, and I haven’t tried it again in the last year or so.)

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Also, Complementary ThinkWiki link]

TL;DR:[list][]great laptop
]trackpoint enthusiasts may want to upgrade the trackpad
[*]you can probably find one with a better screen for a cheaper price elsewhere.[/list]