Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14" i7 256GB Laptop

“And it’s optimized for Windows 8 and later versions…”

But comes with Windows 10.

Not exactly the best CPU there…The rest of the specs look pretty good.

Incorrectly featured as “7th Gen Intel Core Processors”. It’s actually a 5th Gen… much older and less efficient.

It’s technically a i7, but only dual core version. Pretty sad.

Screen is sub par, forget 4k or anything close… it’s not even full HD (1080p). Ratty old 900p screen. Hoped we were so done with that. How they labeled as “HD+”, I’ll never know, as it has less than 70% resolution of Full HD screen. Math is a b!tch.

8 GB RAM. sigh

This is one of the worst laptop deals I’ve seen on Woot. Description is incorrect on numerous levels. There are much better deals out there than this 3yr old, below average model.

Does this have the connection on the underside to attach to a docking station?

First of all, 8GB’s of RAM is over kill for users doing mainly business/office tasks. Unless you are doing Video editing or running a Digital Audio Workstation with Samplers, you really don’t need anymore.

The screen IMO is adequate for a 14 inch screen. The I7 processor is only dual core, but it does do hyper threading, so it processes 4 threads at a time.

This is a very good laptop as we used them at work and they are work horses. They cost well over $1200 new and have very nice keyboards.

The one thing I don’t understand is why PC manufactures charge such a premium for SSD drives. You can buy a 256GB SSD for about $70 bucks.

I do agree it’s a little over priced in today’s market. If it were a bit cheaper, I’d be tempted to pick one up.

Sorry, it does not.

Ignore the Naysayers out there. This is a very good deal on a very nice laptop. ThinkPads are a step above in reliability and quality. The SSD and Win 10 Pro make this a great deal. This laptop would sell for around $1250 new. It may not be 4K, but for a working professional it doesn’t get much better than this as far as bang for the buck…

8 GB RAM not enough to make up for a mediocre processor.

Yes, it would maybe be worth 1250 around two or three years ago. Business machines typically will come with 16GB ram standard, 1080p, and the windows 10 pro license.

So this is pretty weak!

This i7 CPU benchmarks lower then most i5’s and some i3’s. PoC!!