Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14" i7 256GB Laptop

14 inch notebooks are the perfect size… Goldilocks

Use one of these for work everyday, switching to a 470 soon but not because the laptop had any issues. Ran multiple VMs amongst a heavy workload for 2+years on this thing. Great little laptop

No hdmi? Hmmm. What to use to stream this on a television?


There is a neat little device called Screen Beam that I use to stream to a TV screen. It’s a Bluetooth device, so there’s no wires needed. Has about a 50 foot range. Great for presentations from a laptop.

I’ve been using ThinkPads for almost 20 years now, starting with my first one…a 600, running through the entire T series from 20 to now a 410.

These aren’t pretty, they’re not lightweight, they won’t make the coffee shop crowd ooo and ahhh but these are tough workhorses that just go and go.

My company went to HP. I miss my Thinkpad at work. I bought one for home. Best keyboard on a laptop ever. Nice price for a model that is not too old, unlike those decade old apples that they sell here for nearly full price.

Seriously considering snagging this one. I’m running a Thinkpad L520 purchased from Woot back in 2013. Still runs well, but plastic case has some cracks, no USB3, it’s pretty thick by modern standards and definitely a boat anchor (6+ pounds!)