Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14" Intel i5 Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14" Intel i5 Laptop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: New


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I think I spent a half hour reading reviews of this a couple weeks ago when it was this price, with a $50 discount from a Gawker/Kinja deal. I recall reviews really panned the screen brightness in bright light and forget about daylight. I might wait for this to WOOT OFF. I was so close, but the screen brightness.

You can get so much computer fur $500 these days but this is not it.

Exactly. Come on, Lenovo! A fourteen inch 1366x768 screams sub par display and poor qc in 2016.

Also 1 year as opposed to 3 year warranty doesn’t exactly show that you have confidence in your own product. This is a Thinkpad.

I picked up the X1 Carbon from Woot last week for the same price. It came with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and 2560x1440 touch screen. That was a good deal. This one, not so much.

Why? the price will be the same. Never see many price drops during the off’s.

I think you’re better off buying a refurbished T420 but I can understand some people not wanting to buy used. The T series is a great, solid line though.

I am a Lenovo/Thinkpad fan from way back. However, this laptop, though a great PC in its time, is not a great deal now. The DDR3, SATA Hard Drive (Not SSD), 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 are just sub par these days. Thanks, but no thanks.

Ditto. (typed on the X1 Carbon I got from Woot a few weeks back – same specs, same price)

I have an E440 for work (it’s close to 3 years old) and I’m glad to see the T series appears to have a better trackpad. However, and this might seem very minor, but I refuse to get a Lenovo for my personal laptop as long as they keep putting the Function key at the bottom left of the keyboard instead of the Control key. Of course, I’ve heard you can now switch them in the BIOS so maybe this is moot, but it’s the principle, man!

I never had a problem with the brightness on my old T430 from work but it was 1600x900 native, not the crappy res you get here.

1600x900 or HD might be an extra-cost option but not likely user-upgradeable unless you’re a laptop technician.

The HD and 1600x900 screens probably sold well new, so all you’ll see here at woot is the fecal matter that Lenovo couldn’t sell new.

You are comparing off-lease refurbished to new. I liked that deal too, but apple meet orange. I have this exact same notebook for my work laptop. This notebook takes a beating daily and keeps chugging along without any issues. I added an 8GB module and it’s plenty fast running VPN, Office, several web browsers open at the same time, etc.

4GB of DDR3!!! You are better off getting an a tablet.