Lenovo ThinkPad T460S 14" FHD Intel i5 Notebook

I have this with the i7 for work. The wifi / Ethernet drivers are mediocre, and even wired network speed is sub-par. The screen is amazing. Keyboard and track pad work great for me. I would recommend it, overall, unless you are constantly transferring huge files. You can use both a regular size laptop drive and a m.2 SSD. Not easy to open, but not impossible. Runs Windows 10 well.

It sounds like you are describing a T450p which is held together with screws and lots of tight clips. I’ve worked on both, and the T460s is much easier to open. The T460s also only has space for a singe M.2 2280 SSD, NOT a full size drive and a M.2 2242 like the T450p does.

The T460s is a slimmer and lighter weight machine, containing two internal batteries, and thus lacking the ability to swap out or increase battery capacity like a T450p does. A bit of a trade-off, but something to note.

I got a T460s during the Black Friday Woot-off for the same price, and received a 20F90039US which is likely what this is.


Note, that even though Woot shows a backlite keyboard in the pictures, this model does not have one … but for $40-50 on eBay this can easily be corrected.

Mine came with a 128GB Samsung SATA SSD, which I plan to swap out for a 500GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe(PCIe) SSD once Amazon ships it; a decent value for $250 and other then adding needed space should be even faster. Others have reported upgrading to the Samsung 950 Pro SSDs without issues, so I expect the brand new 960 model to work too.

This laptop makes a fine hackintosh using this guide:


though if you want to dual boot with Win10, you may want a larger SSD and extra RAM. Perhaps the i7 T460s model that Woot has listed would make even better sense.

Also, upon registration and request, Lenovo will mail you a free USB to do the Win10 Pro upgrade. Highly recommended.