Lenovo ThinkPad W520 15.6" Intel i7 Laptop

Can we get some details on what is enatiled with the “1 Year Metro Business Systems”

I second that post above. Tell us more… If they are the ones who refurbished the laptops what does the warranty include. That link you have there just gives us links to the OEM.

You can get a T440p on eBay for that price a little more if you want the t450 trackpad.

Got mine a few days ago in near perfect condition. Battery is used but still holds a 5 plus hour charge.

Also, The laptop I received is configured much better than the specs tab stated. Very happy.

Bought one. Label was printed with anticipated ship date of 10/5/15. It still has not shipped. I have emailed CS for help.

ThunderThighs, are you sitting on this thing in the warehouse? I promise it shouldn’t hatch anything, unless you’ve hidden a few “Easter Eggs” in the box. My son is rather anxious to get his new laptop … it’s replacing a five year old Toshiba with a dead WiFi card.

(j/k - I still lubs ya)

The email reply from Woot CS:

Are (sic) the “crazy shipper” in the warehouse this one?:


hehehe! Now, if only my son would be so patient to see the shipping info update.

I bought one and received a confirmation email on the 4th. I got an email from Woot saying it shipped on the 6th and would be delivered in 3-8 business days. FedEx says it hasn’t shipped, only a label was created. Why would you send an email saying it shipped if it hasn’t been shipped? Is there an estimated time it will ship? I need it for work.

Sometimes the shipping label is created and the shipping email notification is sent out too early.

I’ve gone ahead and pinged Woot Staff with your info to help investigate the issue.

If you haven’t already, please also email into support@woot.com and let the know.

Awww, thanks so much Rogetray! FedEx is still showing label printed but nothing shipped. It’s 10 days tomorrow. I posted another inquiry last night through the CS link, but have not heard back on my email.

What is TT doing with those things in Carrollton?! LOL

Ok, got a middle of the night reply from the “Vinod” in the overseas Woot CS:

Well, that is almost exactly what “Roshan” said four days ago:

I hope it gets figured out soon.

My bet (since this is the usual for my orders) is that it’s on it’s way and just hasn’t been scanned. Buuuuut, I could always be wrong. Keep us updated!

Thanks for letting me know. Given that this is a common issue with computers, it would be nice if CS recognized that it was a computer order and to let us know that they may not have scanned, but are still, in fact, on their way. Otherwise, it may feel to the customer like a “I don’t want to deal with it, let someone else handle it in 3 days” message. And a message that keeps getting repeated with no resolution in sight.

But they make such a comfy chair (not). Lemme check around and see what I can find out.

I just got mine today (10/21) after ordering it on (10/4). I had similar shipping issues that others had.

After unboxing the laptop, I noticed that it was pretty damn dirty and worn. There are small bits of sticky residue all over, especially on the keys. The keyboard itself is disgusting. Food crumbs, hairs, dust, dandruff, and other debris. The speakers on the laptop also work, but have crumbs and other things in them. Every port on the laptop is dusty.

The case itself shows evidence of extreme use (misuse?). There are gouges and scuffs all over. There are some places that make it look like the device was dropped multiple times. The snaps holding the casing together on the left side of the keyboard are busted.

I understand that a refurbished device will never be in perfect condition. That being said, I don’t believe this computer was refurbished or even cleaned for that matter. It seems that someone merely wiped a damaged laptop and slapped a refurb sticker on it. I’ll be pursuing a refund and steering clear of any other refurbs on the site (despite having good experiences in the past).

EDIT: It seems the left click button on the laptop does not work either.

Ours arrived on Monday and my son is delighted with the machine. It’s working very well and other than a little dust, it’s in nearly new condition.

Thank you so much to all the staffers who tracked this down and got the vendor to ship it out! TT, RR, and MH … you’re the best!