Lenovo ThinkPad W541 15" Full-HD Laptop

Specs dont look right. for example NVIDIA Quadro 1100M is 2GB not 1GB.

Is there an integrated X-Rite colorimeter? The picture seems to show it

Can you provide the Lenovo model identifier please?

Vendor confirmed the 1GB dedicated graphics memory.

It does not have the Pantone color calibrator to our knowledge. The photo we are using is a stock photo.

Sometimes we are unable to publish the model number. This is to protect the brand’s presence in the marketplace for this price. Also, in many cases, these are Woot exclusive models.

Thank you. One last question. This is definitely w541, not w540?

Per the vendor, yes. Is there a reason you think it’s not?

"Intel Core i7-4800MQ 2.7GHz " seem to be only on W540 and not W541. Although if you say this is a woot customised model, I can then understand it could be possible

In addition. Your description “TrackPoint® pointing device and buttonless Mylar surface touchpad, multi-touch”

W541 has buttons. W540 is buttonless. Please can help confirm this is W541 not W540?

I am looking to buy W541 not W540

Per the team, our specs are correct. You can see the Lenovo specs with the various configurations here

Thanks. CPU is 4810MQ and not 4800MQ.

The info we have is per our vendor. It’s possible that Lenovo did a running change to a newer CPU during production after the specs were published.

I have bought the laptop and not received it yet.I want to know whether you may accept the return after unpacking or not if it is W540 not W541,as all the specs shows that it is the former.

Finally you bought. You bought the last set.

That’s worrying because 4800MQ is for W540 while 4810MQ is for W541. The attached specs sheet shows it as 4810MQ. I’m also keeping my fingers cross that it’s the model shown.

Don’t blame you as it’s simply impossible to keep oneself updated with all the specs. However, it’s also appalling that vendor may provide the wrong details. Who’s the vendor? Direct from supplier? Or some third party vendor? Cos I once got a X1 bought from Woot and the battery failed me. I wrote it off as I’m not living in the states and it does not have international warranty.

If the item that arrives is not as described, you can contact our customer service for assistance.

I’ve received it at ComGateway. Invoice stated it as W540. It is not W541 as described and shown. I’ve not arranged for it to be shipped over to Singapore where I’m currently. This is so disappointing. Understand that Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon. I hope the service is excellent like Amazon.

Has anyone received it? W540 or W541?

Amazon really doesn’t have anything to do with this. Considering other incidents where Woot! has shipped product that did not match the description and the utter lack of compensation therefor once the item was delivered and opened, I would return it now. It’s different taking a chance on a $50 “mystery box” but this is a $900 computer.

Box has not been opened. I will be contacting Woot to return it. So far I had mostly good experiences and deals with Woot. Just have to write off my loses on this item. I will incur return charges from CGW and credit card exchange rate difference.

The W540 has an inferior screen to W541 and the keyboard lack of buttons is unacceptable to Thinkpad die hard users who pay a premium for Thinkpads and its W series.

I also received W540

If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. And feel free to reach out to me about this issue if you haven’t heard back from them by Monday. Thank you!