Lenovo ThinkPad with Dual-Core i5

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Lenovo ThinkPad with Dual-Core i5
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Look! A Laptop! Hope you just bought those Gaming Headphones :slight_smile:


I think normally this would be a pretty good deal, but its hard to buy anything with ivy bridge just around the corner.

Its not a really good gaming laptop though from what I’m told.

I would buy one if I hadn’t just bought my HP Dv7.

It’s frustrating when Woot sells 'puters with a Windows Pro license. That’s $50 for a feature I’ll never use.

Probably not, it’s running off intel integrated graphics, which aren’t known for their gaming prowess.

Don’t be dissing Intel integrated components now.

I need a gaming laptop dang it!!! Do you hear me woot, this thing I’m on now sucks ass!!! Make your people happy !!

Really good deal considering the 3 year warranty.

It’s not a gaming laptop - and it doesn’t pretend to be, either.

It is a great business level device. Will not be a good gaming device. But will be a more reliable device with quality components.

This is not a gaming laptop… Don’t expect it to perform like one.

The Thinkpad series is intended for business. It doesn’t have a shiny colorful outside, no high end graphics card, and it won’t play WOW on “ultra”.

What it will do is be rock solid and reliable, with an excellent keyboard and good performance running most applications, even some high end softwares like Solidworks, AutoCad, Pro-engineer, and probably Photoshop.

I’ve got the x120e and I love this damn thing. It’s 100 times the computer any similar sized netbook is and gets 7 hrs battery life on conservative settings with the 9 cell battery.

If you need a laptop, you can’t go wrong with this one for $500.

If it had been a Lenovo all-in-one M71Z I would have grabbed it. Coming up next… or more likely just after I go to bed.