Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptop

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Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptop
Price: $699.99
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the pictures don’t look the same to me.

3 Year Lenovo warranty is global service or only valid in the US?

Had the X1-Carbon for work, but my company phased it out. The laptop is thin and performance is decent, but peripherals are extremely limited and the touch screen F-keys (i.e. F1-F12 are an LCD touch screen) are a deal-breaker.

I wouldn’t recommend this one…

Huh? I am typing this on on an X1 Carbon right now and looking at the F-keys–which are real physical keys above the number row.

Yeah, this is the second gen X1, aka “the experimental one nobody really liked”. It is the only model (iirc) with the touchscreen function keys and without physical trackpad buttons.

There are quad core laptops with better specs than this all over the web. For $700, I’d expect nothing less than a quad core, with more cache, more memory, higher res screen, etc.
This is not a deal in todays market of cheaper, faster, better.!

Still asking for too much especially when the fourth generation is just round the corner.

you pay through the nose for thin. not worth it to me. at that price i expect a much higher res screen.

Specs read;
Memory: 4GB DDR3 (on-board)

Sounds like it’s soldered in/non upgradeable

= limited to just 4GB RAM

Crucial agrees with you - soldered in, ugh.

Avoid this one folks, it’s a lemon - 4GB of RAM is quite limiting these days., plus the low screen resolution is extra meh. The SSD is nice, but at only 180GB it will fill up fast with media such as pics and movies if this is your main machine.

I had a first gen and it was decent. 2nd gen is horrid. 3rd gen seems to be the sweet spot. If this was a 3rd gen, even with the 4gb ram, it may be worth it at $700.

I have a a message of hope; I hope resellers stop selling these outdated machines for premium prices and marketing it as if it is a bargain or great deal. This is neither.

I just looked at laptops at Costco and they have a Lenovo with i7-6500u (6th gen.) processor, 8Gb RAM, 1 TB harddrive, and Win 10 for $750.

This has only a 4th gen. processor and it comes with Windows 7! Can you even remember how many years ago that was?

If you have not updated a laptop to Windows 10, you really don’t want to experience it. My upgrade to Win 10 on an old laptop took almost a full week to complete because of all of the reboots. I remember being very frustrated about how long it took and having to click buttons several times to get computer to continue. Part of the time was because I could not be present every time a download finished and something needed to be clicked or I had to turn laptop back on. It was not as quick as ads made it sound.

This is overpriced by $500-600 imho. I am writing this because I have been looking for about a month now and am familiar with the specs and pricing and am quite annoyed with how many different resellers are unloading seriously outdated models for premium prices.

I would really like to know how much these resellers are paying for these outdated machines. I am guessing less than $50; so this is not even close to being a bargain at $700.

I like the looks of the X1 laptops. Nice and sleek. It seems like a pretty good deal for the CPU & sleekness. However:

I just wanted to mention that the Lenovo laptops without physical touchpad buttons are being phased out because of the bad design. See X250. They have real touchpad buttons. I purchased x240 without the physical buttons and ended up changing the touchpad myself (pretty difficult if you’re not used to disassembling parts) that had real buttons. It does make a difference if you use the trackpoint.

There is so much negative coming out of the comments. Lets be fair to the machine: Sure it’s a dual core, but comparing it to laptops of similar price, I couldn’t find any with the same screen resolution. Though the RAM isn’t expandable, for most use cases, that’s enough to do just about anything. It’s extremely light weight and comes with an 8 cell battery. I saw a complaint about Windows 7. People still prefer that OS over any other, but if that doesn’t cut it, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free, so problem solved.

I have the i7 version of this for work, and it’s done pretty well for me over the last year or so. It’s thin, light and gets great battery life.

However, the complaints everyone listed are things to be aware of.

The touch sensitive f-keys are annoying, especially before I figured out how to lock them into “f-key” mode (rather than the four or five other things those buttons can do). However, once you’re accustomed to them, they’re not that bad (and I’m a developer, so there’s a lot of f-key action).

The trackpad isn’t as bad as everyone is making it sound. It works well for general browsing, and right clicking works fine once you know how it works. I will say that highlighting large sections of text is a pain, but I generally use the keyboard for stuff like that anyway.

Overall, I’d say this is probably worth the $600. Even with the i5, and only 4 GB of RAM, it will fit most people’s needs pretty well. If you’re a power user, you may want to look for the newer model (or higher spec of this generation).

Can I use my Thinkpad T440 docking station for this computer? Looking for a personal computer with the same docking as my work computer.