Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptop

$700-not even full HD display. Pathetic.

I have the i7, too. It’s pretty reliable, very light, many nice things.

The battery life, though, is not something I would say is particularly great. I’ve been gradually tweaking settings here and there and it’s gotten better, but I just can’t get more than a couple hours with it. Maybe the i5 version is better.

My work HP Elitebook laptop, though, is amazing in terms of battery life.

I have this specific laptop from an earlier Woot sale. I have used it with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and found it slugish, almost as if there was driver problems.

Interestingly enough, I tried installing Xubuntu on it last month and it is now a fabulous mobile machine. Beautiful screen and great keyboard. Ironically, I also installed Windows 10 in a virtual machine and it runs more smoothly there than it did as the native OS. With Xubuntu, it is now my daily driver laptop.

The only annoyance left is the “virtual” buttons on top of the keyboard for the F-keys. That sucks. A lot.

Probably not. Lenovo changes the docking connector a lot at the X1 carbon was the “flagship” model for Lenovo for a while so I wouldn’t expect it to share a lot of connectors. From personal experience, I currently own an X-series and a T-series, which are close enough in age to use each others’ power supplies yet they need completely different docks.

I love the ThinkPad, I love the docking connector, but I don’t love that the connector (and with it the dock) changes all the time.