Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptops

Not a great price for an outdated ultrabook. Wow woot you can do much better.

The 4 GB RAM is quite a limiter. I have a comparable Samsung Ativ Book 9+ and I feel constrained. But if you limit to normal business tasks, browsing, and playing videos it’s OK.

I’m predicting they aren’t running out of these today!

What a ridiculous price for an average laptop! Anyone have any idea why these things are so expensive?

They are very nice laptops indeed, but the price and especially non-upgradeable RAM are deal killers for me.

This is a better deal.


As of posting it is listed at $837.00

More on the 128GB over at Notebook Check
More on the 180GB over at Notebook Check

Check out the product page

Lenovo laptops typically run more expensive… and are built better. Keyboard is so nice on this.

But yeah, too much $$

These are the second generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon that many people choose to avoid.

You will be much better off with the third generation (luckily Lenovo did listen to buyer’s complains on the keyboard layout and to bring back the physical buttons for the mouse pointer).

Here is the service manual:

The 2nd generation Carbons have had a lot of hardware failures, and the weird function bar is problematic.

“satellite-grade” sounds totally like a real thing, and not marketing gibberish.

I own an X1 and love the keyboard. Be careful with this one, it has the adaptive keyboard up top and a few of the keys are in different places. Lenovo had to scrap this keyboard and went back to the old one on their newest X1’s (thank goodness).

I’ll go ahead and answer the question before someone comes to ask it - no, superfish is not on this laptop. It was not previously installed on it by Lenovo either. It was not installed on ThinkPads at all.

So, a few days back Woot couldn’t decide what size laptop we were looking at.

Today, on Accessories, it says that it’s Slim Pants but it’s actually full suits. Suits which, by the way, are the same price every single day on Groupon, only with returns. Not sure why we should buy here when Groupon has the same goods at the same prices, only with returns.

We often get sales that have images of products not for sale.

And this was a sale of “Men?s” watches http://accessories.woot.com/offers/mens-multifunction-bracelet-watch-1

Woot, who is doing your copywriting, a blind squirrel? The attention to detail at yard sales is better than here. It’s an absolute embarrassment. Does no one care about how your sales look? Does no one at Woot have any pride?

And with this new format it’s even harder to tell you that there are mistakes, but you have to be aware there are mistakes everywhere. It’s just harder to get clarification when the mistake actually impacts whether we’d buy something.

Blows my mind that a site can have this many errors and still Jeff Bezos doesn’t make heads roll. If Amazon had these errors people would be gone until it was clean and the customer experience didn’t absolutely blow.

superfish? Had to look it up. For those, like me, not on the cutting edge, read this:

“It has been a rough couple of weeks for Lenovo since revelations surfaced that the PC maker was selling notebooks pre-installed with dangerous, HTTPS-breaking adware. Initially, the company said the Superfish ad-injector posed no threat, a position it quickly reversed.”

I’ve also noticed in increase in photos of items in “illustrative” lead photos that show items not found in the sale. Shots of espresso cups, but selling espresso machines, etc.

Thinkpads are Lenovo’s line of commercial laptops. They have a tougher build to withstand the rigors of frequent use, travel, moving, etc.

We often don’t get samples of the items so we have to rely on vendor images.

You know it! :wink: