Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptops

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Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon Ultrabook Laptops
Price: $849.99 - 899.99
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Check out this “excellent” review over at PCmag.com

Remember: This is the 2nd Generation X1-Carbon, the one with the Chaotic-Evil keyboard.

These i5’s be comparatively slow-- not much more than 2X benchmark than an X200. Check the Passmwark score before you buy!

I mean, if you’re already spending that kind of cash, why not get a MacBook and enjoy a usable keyboard?

“Yet another pre-installed spyware app discovered on Lenovo computers”:

The source for that article

Follow-up to that article

Lenovo’s response

Perhaps because you want a usable pointing device? The trackpoint is the reason why I don’t buy anything other than a thinkpad.

That, and the thinkpads are orders of magnitude more repairable in-home than anything Apple. Some people expect to get 5+ years of life out of their laptops.

I’ve owned two of these Carbon Ultrabooks. They are fantastic. The key here is that it is an “Ultrabook” in short, super light (3lbs and under 1/2 inch thick closed) and portable with an outstanding battery life. They aren’t gaming PCs, but the i5 is plenty powerful and the SSD makes this thing move quickly. Buy it and you will not be disappointed, especially at this price. I would recommend the 180GB version though as 120GB seems to run out quickly.

All of the truth. So thankful they returned to the normal keyboard after this flop. That said, I tend to lean towards the i7 X1’s. Worth the extra $$ to me.

I’ve got the i7 version of this for work. For the most part, I love it.

Lenovo does install a lot of bloatware, but a clean install is usually step one for me.

People actually disliked this keyboard layout? Why?! It looks great from what I can see, TrackNipple and Power Button placement aside.

It makes SO much more sense to have useful keys like Home/End (or more preferably, PgUp/PgDwn) instead of something as inane as Caps Lock take up such a massive amount of space so close to the home row. I also love the Backspace/Delete key placement - having to reach for Delete when I’m trying to edit a command but don’t want to backspace out of the whole thing…it makes the most sense if you use quick-cursor via Ctrl+left/right arrow key for super long commands.

The only other keyboard I can recall that’s recently tried to make use of the Caps Lock placement was the Chromebook, when they changed Caps Lock out for the Search function. It’s nice for internal documents, but the whole point of Chromebook is to not really store anything locally, so honestly that one didn’t make too much sense for me. And as for internet searches, I probably already have chrome open and can Ctrl+L to the address bar and search for whatever it is I need so I still disappointingly rarely find myself using that key.

Maybe some day someone will find a better use for that spot. Maybe like…copy/paste? Screenshot? I don’t know.

I can’t disagree with the trackpoint. I used Thinkpads exclusively for a while up until Lenovo started butchering the design. I think my last one was a T50.

I’d agree that old Thinkpads are much more repairable. I can’t speak for this one though, but given the form factor, I’m a little skeptical.

Given my use case as a developer and Linux user, I’d much rather prioritize keyboard comfort over mouse comfort though.

I always hit pgup/pgdown when trying to go for arrow keys on keyboards like this.