Lenovo Thinkpad X130E 11.6" Dual-Core Laptop

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Lenovo Thinkpad X130E 11.6" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $129.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 28 to Monday, Nov 02) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

This is NOT the same version of the 11.6" Thinkpad X that was selling yesterday new for double–this is a slower processor, and it is shipping with Win 7 Home, meaning your upgrade will be to 10 Home (yesterday’s new one shipped with Win 10 Pro)…and there are things you can’t do in Win10 home yet --annoying things, like not being able to configure windows updates to only download what and when you want…Pass.

The one you were talking about from Thursday was also an Ultraportable Notebook. The one we are selling today is a fullsize business-grade laptop with more storage (HD) and battery.

Then don’t update to windows 10? All problems solved. I myself have this very same computer from woot. I have Windows XP, 7, and 10 installed.

That is a terribly slow CPU by today’s standards.

Why does your solid state drive spin at 7200 RPM?

It is mounted on a merry-go-round.

Thank you for this. :slight_smile: Still laughing

Dagnabbit! I had it as HD then second-guessed myself and changed it to SSD. It’s back to what it was.

Also, LOL

It’s a slow cpu by 1985 standards. The E series of CPUs are AMDs biggest pieces of junk. I like AMD, but for energy efficient economy CPUs Intel is way ahead.

How much does it weigh?

Or over 100 times slower than an i7… Yeah pass.

Hey nerds it’s $129!
Do you go look at a $500 car and complain it’s not a Ferrari?

BAM! Seriously, I’m looking at this for my sister, who’s out of work, needs reliable Internet and word processing, and is struggling with a 7 year old coal-fired “laptop” on XP. $129 for new sounds pretty good.

I love it when all the wiz-kids chime in, sniff, and “pass” on a $135 laptop (shipped). You get what you pay for and for a lot of just normal folks are here who are not gamers or not trying to run their house from their computer.

You scare them!

Now, when you are quibbling about the $935 laptop seen elsewhere, that’s another story!

FYI:Don’t buy Word of Office if she is cash-short. Abiword and several office suites are free and will produce a doc or PDF if needed.

I’ve got an AWD E-350-powered HP network and it has served me well for the past 4-5 years. It’s aggravatingly slow when I actually need it for processor-heavy work and it barely plays games, but for surfing the internet, taking care of productivuty-type work and traveling, it’s awesome!

Speaking of games, the GPU portion of the APU CAN actually handle some older titles, and will stream HD, though not very well sometimes. For reference, I can play Sins of a Solar Empire with all settings on max, small system, without issue, as well as Civil 5 on low settings and the smallest world size.

One thing to note, at least for my HP, is that it runs really hot while being pushed. Not burning hot, but it is too warm to leave on my lap, except in the winter.

I’m not sure how much worse the E-300 is compared to my E-350, but I suspect that, for such a low price, it will do just fine, so long as you know what this is and isn’t.

Conclusion: For my needs, I would NOT buy such a slow laptop again. It served it’s purpose 4-5 years ago, but would not be useful for much in another 4-5 years.

I shop computers all the time. At this price point you can find a used Core 2 duo from 5 years ago that will give you three times the performance of today’s laptop.