Lenovo Thinkpad X130E 11.6" Dual-Core Laptop

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Lenovo Thinkpad X130E 11.6" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $129.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Dec 02 to Monday, Dec 07) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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… I guess I won’t be running Unity, or other development environments on this sucker

I need a new laptop because my old runs Vista. This is upgradable to win 10. Does anyone know if it will run win10 smoothly without issues?


I have two Lenovo’s (not this model though). Each has been upgraded to windows 10 no problem. This should do it ok too I think.

Mine runs 10 with no problems, the machine is a little slow, but OK. These are as solid as a brick, originally designed for school use and a bit heavy, but very sturdy…

If a machine can run Windows 7 or 8, it can handle Windows 10 minimum requirements (albeit one will likely have to turn off most of the ooh aah stuff, such as Cortana)

That being said, this is a pretty low power machine and will likely run slow with any Windows OS, especially if you’re multitasking or doing anything more intensive than checking email and surfing the web. It would do well with something lightweight such as Lubuntu tho.

I use the Intel version of this laptop as my daily computer (for something like 3 years now.)

It is really showing its age. I upgraded to a SSD about a year back which helped a lot, but loading intense programs like Office or Visual Studio really make this thing crawl.

I am running Windows 10 BTW.

Oh, these laptops are known for 2 things. 1) Hard drive issues. 2) Monitor cable coming unplugged. The latter is about a 30 minute job to fix.

I got this when it was on here several months ago. I bought it for my brother and had it shipped to his house. The refurbisher never activated Windows 7. The serial number on the sticker didn’t work to activate and a message would pop up saying that serial could only be used by an authorized refurbisher. Woot was no help replacing it(they said they were out of stock and that I’d have to deal with their supplier myself). I opted not to waste more of my time dealing with Woot and bought a legit serial from a more reputable PC parts online retailer.

This is a nice little laptop, but if they send you one without an activated copy of windows then you won’t receive updates, won’t bee able to upgrade to windows 10, and will either be out your $5 shipping when you RMA it, or out $100 like me if you decide to buy the OS seperately even though they say it’s included. Buyer beware!

Anyone know where to find the windows product key? There was no material in the box. The product key on the bottom of the machine (for the old user) does not work to upgrade to windows 10.

If you need extra assistance, please email support@woot.com. They can check into your order details.