Lenovo ThinkPad X131E 11.6" Laptops

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Lenovo ThinkPad X131E 11.6" Laptops
Price: $129.99 - 199.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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11/18/2017 - $129.99 - 199.9

Windows 7 AND VGA? This is from quite a while ago.

I got the $199.99 version a month ago and am yet to get the computer running smoothly. The CPU is so pathetic that merely using ForeFox, Chrome, or Edge exhausts the system resources. I added 4gb RAM but the issue is the CPU. More of a paper weight than a computer; even browsing is slow and frustrating. STAY AWAY!

Specs on this thing say it has a touchpad; photo shows an eraser between G and H keys and two click bars below the spacebar–just like on my first IBM laptop, the one with a 486 processor.

Actually, I kinda like the mini-joystick method of moving the cursor. It’s maybe not as precise but at least you don’t have to keep your hands in the air when typing like you do with a touchpad. One false move and shazam! the next word you type is on a different line–or in a different window.

Awfully slow CPU, I’ve had many laptops with low end CPUs, this one will definitely test your patience.

I had one of these, purchased brand new, with the E-350, 6 gigs of RAM, and eventually an SSD. And I’m a big Windows 7 fan (resisting moving to 10). But these were dead slow even back in the day - great form factor, solid, but very much a “netbook,” back when that phrase was in use. I eventually converted it into a Linux machine, and even there, it’s pretty pokey. I’d say these are just no longer viable, even at a low price.

I have a similar APU in my netbook (AMD E350) and you simply need to use a browser that has good GPU acceleration. I use Comodo Dragon in mine and its quite snappy but I’m also running Win 8.1 which seems to be more GPU accelerated than Win 7 so YMMV.

BTW for those that do not know just FYI but AMD released a beta Crimson driver for these APUs that will allow you to use any OS from Win 7- Win 10, I’ve been running it for over a year and its quite stable and IMHO Win 8.1 is far superior on these APUs than Win 7.

Disclaimer: Lenovo (and IBM before) has been my got to value-to-performance bang for the buck.

But not this X series.

This is, essentially, a netbook. The E series is as horrible as the first and second gen Intel Atoms. The battery life is atrocious (expect ~2 hours). The graphics are useless with such a weak processor. These barely run ChromeOS (Or Jolicloud, or LXDE ) competently. If one absolutely must subject himself to one of these, Windows XP-64 (mechanical drive) or Windows 8.1 (solid state drive) would be the best OS choice (8.1 scales “down” better than 7 or 10, and Windows 7 and lower are not optimized for SSD).

Save another $200 and buy a better notebook, later for $400 or so.

Seconded. Thirded. Ad infinitum.

You mentioned browsers. Great point as that’s the bulk of what these machines will spend time doing.

TL;DR Firefox Quantum (57)

My line of work compels me to install and use (before you ask, yes I do use Browserstack) most major browsers and some not so major (Konquerer, for one) I’ve been test driving the latest Firefox (57), and I’ve been begrudgingly pleased. I’ve hated Netscape, Mozilla for decades. Now I’m forced to acknowledge they have something quite remarkable. Its the best mainstream browser for today’s Computers Woot.

NOTE: CHARGE these for EIGHT hours before turning on!

The OS is NOT fully installed and installs when you first turn it on. If you just turn it to see how it works, it may start installing, die from a dead battery, and then you have trouble. Trust me on this.

Anyone care to provide me with the “drivers” folder? They are at Lenovo,but sorting them out is hard.

I bought one of these last month and it works fine as long as you just need to use the internet and Office. I did upgrade to the SSD so that helps. I have been using Chrome and doing fine. I’m sure FF would be better.

Thank you (and thanks also dpwellman) for these very interesting comments. Maybe I’ll try to go back from Linux to Win 8.1 (which I never tried on this PC) over Christmas. I’ve never used 8.1 and have no idea if I can still get install media, but I’ve really nothing to lose with this machine - I was surprised that Linux brought the E-350 to its knees.

These are very nice machines and a real bargain!

For best results, charge it for few hours before switching it on and be patient while windows sets itself up.

Then you need to;

First -> Immediately delete all of the shovel ware, useless anti virus, and 3rd party trash utilities that are loaded in from the factory.
Don’t let this junk configure itself in your laptop.

Next ->Hook up to your wi fi or network.

Finally-> Let Microsoft update your windows.

Bonus-> get yourself a nice e mail program like Thunderbird.

You are ready to rock :slight_smile:

Who uses Word Perfect? No one. Stay away from this useless machine.