Lenovo ThinkPad X131E 11.6" Laptops

This is a very slow laptop. I got the $199 version and it is slow doing pretty much anything. If anyone got one that is good, let me know so I can send mine back.

I have the X120e version of this laptop, same dimensions and features but different processor (AMD E-350 @ 1.60GHz), and same amount of RAM. I bought mine used, and not refurbished however. It’s not blazing fast, but it’s not a sloth either. On the standard original 250gb hard drive, it’ll load up Windows 7 and be ready to run in about 30 seconds or so. If yours seems slow, it’s probably due to the lesser processor installed on this model… I’d send it back if you feel otherwise, or try reinstalling Windows fresh.

I bought this here the last time offered with the 120GB SSD. Seems a little slow, so I may upgrade the RAM to 8GB and see if that helps. However, I either still have to get used to the touchpad or it has dead spots (back to refurbisher in that case). On the positive side, it is as heavy duty a laptop as I’ve ever owned. Description is correct, plus the unit seems to use heavier plastic in both clamshell halves.

I bought 3 of these machines (320 hard drive @ $129) as they are the best deal on Woot

Win 7 is the perfect OS for this model. Battery life is very good.

Glad to see more are available.

Act fast as they sell these lots out quickly.

More RAM isn’t likely to speed this unit up, the AMD e-100 processor was relatively slow 6 years ago when it came out. Even with a solid state drive things are going to feel sluggish compared to just about anything modern.

I love the build quality of these, I put mine through classroom use and it held up for years before being dropped perfectly on the corner of the screen, shattering it.

Whenever offered the choice between the AMD or celeron, always select the celeron.

The low end AMD’s can’t compete with Intel.

CPU benchmark is AMD E200-897, AMD E300-600, & INTEL Celeron 1300

It’s effectively a slightly more modern version of a netbook. Slightly larger screen with a little better resolution. 4GB of memory vs 1GB. etc

If you know how to work with a netbook and don’t expect it to outperform your standard system, it’s an excellent system to take on travel.