Lenovo Thinkpad X230T 12.5" Convertible Laptop

I believe the picture is of a Lenovo X220 laptop. Is Woot selling a X230T or a X220T.

Is this convertible or not? The image shows that it is not.

I agree, it looks like the wrong picture. Also, does this come with the stylus?

Sorry about that! Pictures are now updated to match the Features/Specs.

Checking about the stylus, please stay tuned!

[EDIT] Confirmed! Stylus is included!

Is this a full operating system laptop with a touch screen? Is the memory upgrade able ?

This comes with Win10Pro installed and it has 4GB memory, upgradeable to 8GB.

I like the idea of the digitizer, but don’t really have a need for it. I keep going back and forth on this, an Asus Transformer, or a regular laptop. I definitely want a good keyboard, but I like the idea of a convertible.

Any thoughts on whether this is worthwhile?

Is the port on the left hand side for HDMI? (with an adapter)

I wanna purchase this labtop but soldout.