Lenovo ThinkPad X240 12.5" i5 Notebooks

Lenovo ThinkPad X240 12.5" i5 Notebooks

The warranty says 1 Year CNB Computers. What does that mean, exactly? If there’s something wrong, we send it in to CNB and it gets repaired for free? Are there restrictions on what’s covered?

That’s my assumption not a manufacturer warranty but a referbisher warranty. For what it’s worth that company refurbished a Lenovo mini desktop I bought from Woot 2 years ago with pretty much identical specs since then no issues.

I agree that before ordering one of these, the warranty needs to be spelled out. On top of that, unless I missed it, there’s no description of a unit being A Grade, B, etc. and this is important since some refurbed PCs look like they’ve been through a war. Furthermore, CNB Computers is a Canadian company in Mississauga, Ontario and that certainly could complicate returns, refunds, etc. from the USA

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I purchased my laptop with the understanding that the warranty is unconditional because nowhere does woot state otherwise. I printed the product details page on woot and the linked information from CNB computers, which is just a general home page.

It also doesn’t specify which planet is being used to measure the year of the one year warranty, so I bought one under the presumption that the measuring planet is one of my choosing.


Hey there we added more info about the warranty via the link in the Features section.

Are we also to assume it is NOT a touchscreen since it is not specified? I have seen this model both ways.

Howdy! Correct, this one is not touch.