Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $269.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Mar 11 to Monday, Mar 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Dang, I literally just purchased the non-Yoga 11e on Woot last week. Got mine for well under $200 but would have likely gone for this just for the better display.

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I’ve bought two of these already. They are a steal at this price. Increase the RAM to 8 GB for about $35 and you’ve got yourself one heck of a computer for $300. Just do it. :slight_smile:

Got one of these last time they were offered. Not a powerhouse machine but since this is an educational model it’s built like a battleship and has the marvelous Yoga flexibility. Great value.

I also have the corresponding ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook,which has exactly the same construction and appearance. Also highly recommended. Grab one if it comes around on Woot! sometime.

I also bought the machine. It is what the others have said. Its built strong, add 8 meg for $35 (has 1 slot so you have to pull the 4 and add an 8 MB module). The screen is fine and it is Touch screen. I wasnt a fan of WIN 10 Pro, until I got this. For $269 its a true deal. BIG NOTE: Get the extra warranty from LENOVO Direct, no Square trade. It has a bunch of options available and you have until the original warranty runs out (1 yr) to decide which one. Read the discussion from the last time this was offered. A ton of great info to help you make your decision. We picked it apart! And BTW, most of us got our delivered in 48 hrs. I ordered mine on Wed at 10 PM and it was delivered Friday Morning by FEDEX!

Aslo, if you are a big fan of the ThinkPad TrackPoint, you wont find one here. It is UltraNav (TrackPad. That is a big let down for me but knew it wasnt there and I am living with it. Also, its not a fast change battery. But when you open it up for the RAM you will see that battery and how easy it will be to change when the time comes. Also there is a 2 yr Full Warranty that includes 1 1 Time Battery replacement from Lenovo that is only $69, check it out.

Credit for these warranties belongs to Alaska0198. Its just a sampling of whats available for this model:
2 Yr Lenovo Depot $39
2 Yr Onsite $49
2 Yr Depot/CCI+one-time Sealed Battery $59
2 Yr Onsite NBD+one-time Sealed Battery $69
3 yr Depot $69
3 yr Onsite $79,

5 yr onsite $409

For 5 Pages of discussion on this Laptop last time it was up for sale on Woot, go to http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6705220&pageindex=1

Really dreaming of the NON-Yoga… and missed out on it last week. Hope they bring it back. Seems it sold out faster than a b*c!

I bought this too… maxed it out in the ram which helped immensely. I also decided to overkill by cloning the hd and replacing it w a 500gb ssd… :slight_smile: still not great for ram and processor intensive applications or ganes… also cord is proprietary and shorts out easily… (I was able to lend my cord to a student of mine do they could retrieve.their term paper from their machine!)"

This inspired me to invest in the Lenovo insurance and find some well rated generic chargers on eBay to ensure I always have access to mu machine!

I got the accident insurance for a bit more… love how easy tjis is to carry…

If anyone has an idea for a stylus…

I bought last time, love it but would like to add ram. How diff is it to do. Any help appreciated. Thnx.

I currently have an older Lenovo X60S. I love the clicky keyboard on that machine, and was wondering if this one is similar.

Can this thing boot from SD card? or is there some UEFI shenanigans that prevents that?

If you have this exact model (Intel processor)- you can’t upgrade the RAM, it’s soldered to the board.


"Intel models: 4GB or 8GB / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L,
soldered to systemboard, no sockets

AMD models: 8GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L,
one 204-pin SO-DIMM socket"

You may have to also disable secure boot on the UEFI settings screen



“In case anyone is interested to know, and has tried to leverage a ThinkPad’s SD card for an alternate operating system, the ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Windows/Celeron N2940), supports booting from the SD card.”

I bought this last time it was on Woot and upgraded to 8GB–it was easy! I did it and I am an idiot with computers =) P.S. I really like the computer and am glad I bought it!

How do you increase the RAM after you buy it?

I echo the favorable comments of others. Bought this last time, and it’s great. IPS screen is vastly superior to the non-Yoga 11e’s TN (which I also bought to compare and then sold to a friend). Touch and Yoga capabilities are also a lot of fun. Overall, you feel amazed to get this much laptop for this price. I just helped my boss get a Yoga with an i5 at Costco for twice as much, and I immediately felt bad, as this would have met her needs just as well for half the money. Great machine for taking on vacation or for kids or grandparents or other Web and office users.

Going to buy another, betting I can re-sell for a profit.

Are you sure you bought this one, or did you get the one that had the AMD processor (they are both Thinkpad 11e)? Everything I’ve read said that only the AMD processor motherboards have a socket for the RAM, while the Intel Celeron Motherboards have the RAM soldered to the board.

The description says 11.6" display. Is that diagonally measured or horizontal?