Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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Product Manual

I have been a Mac user for years but needed a laptop for a new job and wanted something cheap but durable. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t have anything that fit my specs so I purchased this one, my first PC in many years. So far I’m impressed. It’s not super fast but does what I need it to do for a very low price. And it seems pretty durable. The tablet feature is nice too but it’s a bit heavy to use as a tablet, in my opinion. Worth the $$.

I bought this from the last woot. Very impressed. I like it alot.

I got this one in February - upgraded the RAM to 8 and could not be happier. GREAT deal, and 2 day delivery. I love it.

If that’s an 11.6" screen, then either that’s a very hairy child reaching toward it, or someone with Donald Trump-sized hands.

same here. just want to have a PC for convenience.

cute computer… the WiFi didn’t work and Woot said I would have to get an external adapter for it to work… NOT ! I returned it and later found that this WIFI problem is endemic to these Lenovo…Won’t ever buy Lenovo again…

I bought a Lenovo without the touch screen feature (cost was less) here on Woot! - but looks like the same specs otherwise and it has perform flawlessly for the college student that has a difficult time keeping electronics alive.

It is a bit heavier than a chromebook, but this thing can take a beating. The Chromebook can’t (replaced screen already)

Did not even bother changing the RAM since it works well as is.

Best laptop I have purchased in years in terms of portability and ability to sustain falls/drops.

Same here! Great for a travel pc.

Can someone comment on the battery life?

I am not sure if its not listed or I just can’t see it, but what is the battery size and expected length between charges?

I purchased on a prior Woot. Upgraded to 8GB (took only a few minutes - back comes off of the Yoga.) Battery life is not as good as an HP Chromebook I have - but the Yoga will last 4-6 hours- perhaps a little longer. So far very happy. Will use the Yoga as a travel laptop.

My experience wasnt as positive as most of the comments so far. I found that the mouse pad jumps around and its doesnt want to connect to my home wifi easily. Not a plug&play setup. Attempted to return the order because i wasnt happy with my results and was told that they would get me in touch with the Lenovo repair service to have it looked at but no returns. Wasnt close to 30days. If you buy this you dont get to return it. BeWare. first time that Woot surprised me with not honoring a purchase that was broken and not to my satisfaction.

Didn’t I just buy this last Thursday?

Is the memory upgradeable? it says it is on board (soldered).

The RAM is not soldered on the board. It is easily upgradable.

Is this the same laptop, only cheaper on Amazon?


This is a really nice laptop for the money, bought one the last time it was offered. Upgraded it to 8GB of RAM, works well. Havent had a single issue with it.

Doesn’t look like a Yoga – not touch and can’t flip the screen all the way open.