Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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Woot mod, can you confirm whether or not the RAM is upgradeable for this model? There seems to be differing opinions in comments from previous models sold here. Thanks.

The last two sales have confirmed multiple times that the RAM is upgradeable. If that isn’t enough, I’ll tell you that I own this computer from two sales ago, and not only do I love it, but can personally confirm that these models can be upgraded to 8gb.

Same here. Love it and have upgraded to 8GB. Just remove the 4GB module and replace with an 8GB. That easy. Took 2 minutes. It’s got plenty of zip for pretty much every task I do anywhere from Macros to Movies.

In the previous version of this discussion, there was much debate about whether this RAM can be upgraded. I hope these pictures will put to rest this debate and illustrate that yes, it can be upgraded.



Sure, there were other versions sold by Lenovo that could not be upgraded but I bought this exact unit off Woot on Thurs, March 10th. It arrived on Monday, March 14th (about 2 business days.)
I upgraded the RAM with the following: http://www.amazon.com/Patriot-Series-Voltage-Laptop-Memory/dp/B00FGNY82M?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01 based on recommendations gotten here on Woot.

I am very happy with this new Lenovo even though I do not plan to used it as a tablet. With the RAM upgrade I have real computing power that meets my needs as an adult, small business user. No gaming, No CAD.
This unit replaces a 11" Acer Netbook running 4GB of RAM but with an uninspiring Intel C70 processor.

I like everything about the Lenovo especially its durable and authentic build/feel. It makes my Acer look and feel like a toy. The Lenovo makes me feel like a business professional.
If I have one complaint, it is with the Lenovo touchpad. I seemed to have solved most of my issues by changing some of the settings for the touchpad. These settings were such that they had reduced the sensitivity of the touchpad so as to reduce errors of accidentally moving the cursor with your wrist in the event that you accidentally touch the pad while typing.
I would say mostly that the touchpad is just a little “different” than the Acer and most of my dislike will be solved by just becoming more familiar with the Lenovo.

When I installed the new RAM I first followed these instructions found in previous Woot discussion:

*Do NOT change the memory module until you `disconnect’ the internal battery as described below. FWIW, I wasn’t able to enter the BIOS/Setup from a Cold (powered off) Start. I could only get into it by doing a Restart.

Disabling the built-in batteries
Before replacing any devices, ensure that you have disabled the built-in batteries by doing the following:

  1. Disconnect the ac power adapter and all cables from the computer.
  2. Restart the computer. Press F1 to enter ThinkPad Setup when the logo screen appears.
  3. Select Config ➙ Power. The submenu is displayed.
  4. Select Disable Built-in Battery.
  5. Click Yes in the Setup Warning window. Then the computer turns off and the built-in batteries are
    disabled. Wait for a few minutes to let the computer cool.

Note: The built-in batteries will be automatically enabled again when the ac power adapter is connected
to the computer. *

Here is a very thorough NotebookCheck.com review of a similar model, albeit with a standard hard drive instead of the SSD:

Notebook Check Review

The SSD should zip up the performance somewhat.

How small of a screwdriver do you need to open the case? I just got the non-touch non-yoga version of this Lenovo laptop from sellout!woot. It has the same cpu, ram, hard drive, and many other components are the same. So I am guessing that the process to upgrade the ram is very similar.

2 questions.

Is the battery removable/replaceable?

Is the ssd drive removable/upgradeable?

Before retiring I spent 10+ years as a Toshiba notebook service tech. I know from experience “hard” drives will fail and batteries will stop holding a charge.


Ph0 or Ph00 is probably the proper size Phillips screw driver needed.

I actually used a multi-tool that I have that happens to have a perfect screw driver size to work on laptops. No proper Ph size is given on the tool.

Yes on both counts.

Thanks. Appreciate the info.

Thanks. I know I have one, I just don’t know if it made the trip with me to Texas from Pennsylvania last February. Luckily, it looks like I can pick one up for about $2 if I can’t find it.

Edit: I found it.

Maybe this is the norm now, but I was surprised that this does not include a DVD/Blu-Ray drive. I’ll just have to pick up an external one to use whenever I need to use CDs or DVDs. Otherwise, we really like it.

Yes, No optical drive (CD or DVD) is the norm in machines this small. Look at the picture above again which shows more than 1/2 of the open case. There is no room in there for a for a 5" round disk. The whole machine is only about 12" wide and 8.5" deep.

It’s not until you get into machines with screens of 14" and larger that you begin to have room for optical drives.

Have this, purchased in February, upgraded to 8G, easy peasey. I even think I could replace the hard drive if I had to! Love this computer/tablet!

If there ever was a quality post, that was it. I also bought one in that last sale less than two weeks ago, just to enter the modern world of touchscreen and SSD laptops, at a tremendous price. Plus for the robust build. Wow, so happy I did this, even with a myriad of PCs in the house.

Thanks for the tip on touchpad settings (I experienced several mysterious movements of the cursor due to shirt sleeve touching the pad before I figured out what was happening), and the battery disconnection advice when upgrading RAM.

As many said in the previous Woots of this, just get it. I’m still stunned why these are so cheap, in Chromebook territory (that is, Chromebooks without touchscreens, without a robust build, and with only 16 or 32 GB SSDs).

I bought this in the Woot last week, and it arrived yesterday. the only thing that is slightly annoying is that it was designed for the European market. Windows will let me change the “colours” not the “colors”

Noooooo…not again! I already have bought two of these here. HELP!

Just wondering maybe the second time if you can hook this unit up to a larger monitor say in home office??