Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

Yes this has replaceable memory you can buy for $30 on the mothership, yes you can upgrade HDD, no the memory is not soldered on. Yes it is Windows 10, yes it’s a good deal, no it does not have bloatware, no it does not have a pointing stick thing in the middle of the keyboard…it’s a tablet.

No it is not the one you can find on Amazon for a few dollars cheaper, this one is a Yoga.

Hopefully that covers pages of discussions!

This is like groundhog day with this Yoga. What can I do differently tomorrow that I won’t see it appear again?

Thread closed.

I bought one after seeing them here multiple times and reading the great reviews.

Very good machine for the money and Full win 10 is a huge positive.

Very solid feel and build quality.

I bought this one a few days ago, LOVE IT. Fantastic IPS display, I upgraded the RAM to 8GB for $35 dollars… This things is build like a tank and it boots up in seconds thanks to the SSD.

If you’re looking for a (non-gaming) smallish laptop, ACT NOW. I honestly wish I owed somebody a gift, because I need an excuse to buy this again.

Are you trying to drive me nuts! Every time this comes up (like every other day) I go into a mental battle. I want it but I know it would be a frivolous purchase. I spend a half-hour each time trying to come up with a rationale to ignore logic. So far, I’m holding out but I can’t go on much longer.

Resistance is futile. Eventually every Wooter will own one. I’m very happy with mine as a #2 and travel notebook.

After watching a long time, in for one.

I have a touchscreen just-above-a-netbook that could barely run 8.1, and really can’t hack 10, so I will be replacing that.

When the dust settles, it will be my only “real” Windows computer, because I spend 95% of my time on my Toshiba Chromebook 2.

Where exactly I can buy 8 Gb memory ?

Good deal, Solid build, easily portable, perfect for light duty.
Would buy again. The only con so far is the touchpad could be better,and the mouse left click action is a little flakey. Working great for me for light duty apps and powerpoint presentations using the HDMI out.
Memory is easy to upgrade, 6 screws and the bottom panel comes off for access. Just be careful about compatibility. I ordered 8GB Crucial, worked OK on battery, screen pixilated with AC power applied. Found some info on the Lenovo forum. RMA in process for the memory, got 8GB Kingston on order from the same vendor.
Lenovo forum link