Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

"some items may be missing due to open box condition… "

Is this suggesting the a/c adapter can be missing?

Could be, might not be.

Thanks. Kinda deal breaker because it would cost extra to get a AC adapter if that’s missing.

It says “some non-essential items may be missing from the box.” I would think the AC adapter falls under an essential item.

Me too! The response from the vendor surprised me a little. I can live with a box with the laptop and AC adapter with no other stuff. May be no AC adapter? I really, really, really need to think about this.

I know Woot! sometimes have another deal like this for $260, a refurbished one, but at least you know you are sure you will get an adapter.

Got mine in the mail today. It’s the wrong model. The regular 11E as opposed to the Yoga 11E. I’m not particularly happy about it… I’m hoping they can exchange with the correct model.

So sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Yeah, same here - no Yoga, no touchscreen… boo…

Ugh, bummer. If you haven’t please send CS your order info and issue at support@woot.com. Sorry for the trouble with your inflexible laptop.

Maybe I’m lucky mine is lost in transport. Power cable is definitely essential. Need the touchscreen/convertible model.

Dang, it’s today’s woot and mine is still lost but CS won’t research it for 5 more days. If I get it, it’ll probably not be Yoga like the two others… And I’ll miss out on today’s sale… Unhappy wooter.

Another day, no tracking movement. Four more days to wait until they accept that it is lost. I work in shipping. I know it is lost.

Edit: Well, they just refunded the $5 shipping charge which was nice. Thanks.

Ok, it’s officially 11 days without any tracking movement. Per your emails, I waited. And I sent an email yesterday with no response yet. Can any staff looking in here help?

Sorry for the problem. I’ll send a note to CS. Could you contact FedEx and ask them to put a trace on it in the meantime, pls?

Thanks. Never did that before with FedEx but I’ll try it.

Edit: FedEx said it was lost. CS emailed me they will refund within three days. Funny how money is instantly out of Paypal but takes 3 days to go back in.

Wow, three full days after CS said it was lost and they’d refund, I still don’t have the refund in my Paypal. If it was $50 or $75 I wouldn’t mind so much but it’s over $200. TT, maybe you can help again somehow? Thanks!

Wow, coincidence or you guys are awesome. Refund just came through. Thanks!