Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

I’ve read all the reviews on the mothership and elsewhere. Seems like a QC crap-shoot. I’ll be hopeful and give it a try.

I got the non-touch screen version of this laptop. Immediately upgraded the RAM and the SSD from the stock 128GB to a 250 C100 from Crucial… I am very pleased. In fact, my wife has annexed it, and laments not having a tablet mode…

Thus, I am quite pleased to be able to buy this one… I’m going to giver her the touch model, and then I’ll get mine back. They use the same power cord, so now we can have one in 2 different rooms.

The battery life is good, and we play Amazon Prime videos on these great. They can get laggy when multiple users are logged in with lots of browser tabs and office sessions open… Which I aim to fix by getting this second one…

My only complaint on the first is that the mic is SO BAD that I can’t even set Cortana up. It is frustrating… Forget about a decent skype call without some kind of bluetooth/hard wired headset…

How much of the 128 GB hard drive is space that’s usable by the consumer? My wife and I have had a couple instances lately of small laptops where most of the memory was taken up by OS and other system files.

We got 2 of these last month and have been very pleased so far. Feels very substantial in my hands. We installed MS Office on both and doesn’t seem to have any problem using the stock 4gb of ram. I’ll probably upgrade to 8 at some point but so far, it’s fine with 4. I would recommend this computer to a friend.

Is touch pen included?

No, it is not.

No but my fingers work just fine.