Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

Anyone who would purchase this unit as $269 - should be buying these like hot cakes
how was only one sold?
this is an incredible machine at $269 and at $215… come on.

The three I purchased ‘open box’ have full lenovo warranties, were new refused shipments relabeled to me - never even opened.
one of them had a partially smashed box but unit was immaculate unaffected in foam sleeves.

Glad I gave lenovo a try again with the four (1 at 269 3 @ 215) purchased…
wonderful units.

I’ve since purchased a few yoga 12s (not from woot) w/ wacom stylus… never would have given those a look without these from woot.

How do you know if it has a full Lenovo warranty? I bought one of these during the WootOff but don’t know how to check for that… Thanks!

Allllllllll the way down at the bottom of the Features tab, below the Shipping Note, you’ll find the Warranty listed.

*You can open Lenovo Companion, click on the speedometer looking icon (support) then click on warranty will tell you remaining days. My ‘open box’ were 8-10months left

*you can go to lenovo support site
download the tool that will check system for you, pull up your serial number and also tell you how long you have remaining for warranty. (redundant to above)

For the one I chatted w/ lenovo support - lenovo confirmed warranty status

I am just saying my experience with these which were all new refused shipments - perhaps if someone received an actual open box return that has been gone through by service - might be different.