Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

Just a little heads up, since I’m not the only one who bought one, that the ThinkPad I received doesn’t have a working touch screen. This appears to be caused by driver issues with the version of Windows 10 the company that refurbished this laptop used (this isn’t just open box, it’s a straight up refurb). The touch screen on this model laptop does seem to be an issue for people who upgraded theirs to Windows 10. The good news is that so far Lenovo is honoring the initial warranty on this thing and they’re sending me an official image (and a 8.1 Pro image, per my request) so I can wipe this thing and start from scratch. If that doesn’t work, I may mail the thing to them to fix or just return to Woot. The moral of the story is… the Woot warranty may not be the only recourse if you have issues. I told Lenovo I got this refurbished but they are not apparently bothered by it.