Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)

I ordered this last time, before I had a chance to read all of the terrible comments from other wooters. I promised last time I would post my story, since I couldn’t cancel my order.

When I received this, it was as bad as the other commenters said. Mine had 1/3 of the bumper pulled off, smelled of smoke, lots of heavy damage that I can only speculate how it occurred (think drug through a parking lot or attacked by a pit bull). I don’t feel this is an exaggeration. The label in the box said it was refurbed by some non-Amazon/non-Lenovo company. Fortunately, Woot was nice and refunded everything. But I would strongly discourage the purchase of this unless you want something this heavily used.

I bought two of these last time when the “Specs” tab listed the Operating System as “Genuine Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)”. Unfortunately the laptops I received had Windows 10 Home installed.

Good to see they fixed it this time, but all the photo captions still say “Pardon Our Image: This laptop will come with Windows 10 Professional, not Windows 8” so the confusion continues…

[MOD: It’s fixed. Thank you!]

Purchased one of these from Woot almost a year and a half ago when they were being sold as a new item.

Can’t vouch for the state of the unit as a refurb, however the new in box unit has held up well.

Its utilized by my very non-technical fiance for basic word processing, web browsing needs, and netflix and accomplishes that with no issues. She’s not exactly careful and has dropped the thing more times than I can count and it has held up very well.

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I bought one (new or refurb) for my preteen son about 3 years ago. It’s been a good machine, though he isn’t happy with its gaming performance (no surprise). I’d recommend for a casual user other than the risk of getting a lemon.

That said, this model is reeeeally long in the tooth. There must be better bang-for-the-buck deals on newer hardware to be had.

Good grief. It was either a typo, or it’s a case of archaic gender-specific language that needlessly imposes paternalistic qualifiers, a la the actor/actress distinction.

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We fixed the caption to say the laptop comes with Windows 10 Home. Thanks!

I didn’t know, and I got engaged and married last year. To keep it straight I just started calling my soon to be wife “Two-E”.

Every time this one comes up I feel compelled to jump into the forums and tell everyone not to buy it. Generally speaking the ThinkPad Yogas are a good solid investment, but this model is infamously a lemon. I ended up getting rid of mine after less than a year.

Delivered yesterday…

Does anyone else’s report invalid Windows 10 Home licenses when you go to activate it?

I’ve contacted the warranty support people.

Info from the refurb/warranty guys: