Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)

Got one of these in an earlier sale. Battery would not charge, could only run off AC :frowning:

I got one with the tracelock security stuff still turned on.

I was willing to take refurbished but that sort of stuff? Hard pass.

There was a Core M version of this that is still amazing. N2930 should get a hard pass.

For the price I can take a chance on refurbished. I am looking for a Thinkpad to work with my 90w docking station I use for my work Thinkpad. I know the wattage is wrong here, but does anyone know if that actually prevents it from working? I don’t need it to actually charge while docked (I would rarely write enough time in a stretch to drain the battery), I just want it to fit on there so I can hook up dual monitors.

Also, while I’m at it, how do I change the sig info for my forum profile? Been years, probably out to take out the dead links.

Bought one when they were up a few weeks ago. Arrived powered up, loving life. Then I tried to use the keyboard and got no reply. Got a little worried (never tried to return a woot). So I did an internet search found lots of disassembly how tos, so I tried it, found the keyboard ribbon wasn’t plugged in and locked down, and voila, a100. Naturally while it was in shipment I was hit w. Dozens of other ads, for other laptops for the same price. But as a writer, this one is quick enough for me and, a big thing, half the weight of my old HP, so I’m login it

I bought the regular 11e ThinkPad (non touchscreen version) of this two years ago to use during travel and at work during lunch and free time. For what I use it for it works great.
Just be careful with the warranty. Mine came with a 1-yr warranty and I learned 11 months after I bought it that the warranty began when the reseller on Woot bought it, NOT when I bought it from Woot. It was eventually resolved but not without a lot of headache.

bought one of those when it was on sale few months ago…great little machine for the road worked flawleslly on my trips mine came in a decent shape and works fine with my uses of web surfing and streaming iptv while abroad…for the price you cant beat it
love it!!

For a buck and a half, this could be the answer to my search for some light duty portability. Hmmmmm…

Trying to buy won’t let me log in with amazon prime for free shipping very disappointed with this site

Had to return the one I purchased on the last sale.

The little machine locked up during windows registration. Once if froze it couldn’t do anything. Microsoft win10 bricked this machine.

These world be far better machines if they had win 7 or win 8.

I have the AMD A4 version that my daughter used for a while. It will work for light duty needs and it is a pretty tough laptop. I just recently put xubuntu linux on this one. New life into an underpowered laptop.

I’m going to get one and put windows 7 64 bit on it. I’m sure I can still get the drivers. It would be a great replacement for my NetBook that has a dual core and 2 gig memory, all it needs is a ssd drive with win 7 and the screen is 1.5 bigger. I.m in, hopefully it isn’t one of the broken ones.

Most of these little Atom quad core laptops are great if you swap the spinning rust for a cheap SSD. Don’t expect blazing performance, but they’re perfectly capable and cheap enough to not worry about beating up on travel.

Indie games and older non-3D games typically run well if you’re into that. FTL, They Are Billions, OG StarCraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, etc.

This looks like a prime candidate for Neverware CloudReady OS. It basically turns any old computer into a Chromebook. A lightweight touchscreen Chromebook for $149 sounds great.


I bought one of these when they were up a few weeks ago as well. The first one was truly a scratch and dent; it ran fine but neither the camera nor the microphone worked.

Performed an exchange through the seller and got on that looks practically new. I threw 8GB of RAM and it works just fine for my young kids to play their Roblox and other very simple games on, as well as do homework. The microphone doesn’t work well on this one either.

It really seems to be the luck of the draw with these, with a vast difference in initial quality.

I bought this one a few weeks back when it was on Woot. I’m not that worried about performance since I use Perscale.com for office tasks anyway.

I got one of these a little while back. It’s alright for work tasks, and fine for browsing and youtube. Best part is that you can lay down on your back and hinge the screen up so the keyboard is on your chest and the screen is above it at the perfect level. No strain on your neck and you don’t have to hold it up with your arms to where it’s comfortable like you would a smartphone.

Thanks for the tip! Just what I was looking for.

Thanks! I got the one you returned.