Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Pretty decent knock-about laptop, especially after installing an 8gb stick of ram and an old SSD I had lying around. I discovered that these refurbs had their original WIndows 8 registered with Microsoft, so I was able to install 8 and upgrade to 10 without using the ‘refurb’ license it comes with.

If any staff are listening, the proceed to check out button and place your order buttons are not working. I tried it on two types of browsers.
is there a lull in purchasing? There might be a reason for that.

We have five Lenovo 11E’s in the family, one for each of us. Two have this exact processor. All have SSD drives, not SATA’s. That said, the 11E has proven to be robust in middle school, high school, and college. They have survived multiple falls (one is missing a corner, but keeps on ticking). I have a son at an Ivy League school (now you know why I need and like cheap computers) who has used his for high level math and programming courses–no complaints. And, he uses a Lenovo Active Pen on the touch screen to take notes in all of his classes.

No complaints in 3+ years of use. You will not do any high level gaming or video editing on these, but they will get normal office and school work done. They survive back pack travel with no worries. And if any of them eventually break, the price was right to begin with.

I would swap out an SSD for the SATA drive for greater safety, but other than that, these things just seem to work.

Sorry, confused… why would you do that? These come with Win 10 Home installed - to change to an SSD, just clone the HD to the SSD using any number of free utils out there. Installing Win 8 seems like unnecessary pain. Thanks, this is a legit inquiry, not a criticism.

Yep, the checkout is screwed up, can’t ‘Place your order’!

Checkout is not working. I just hope I didn’t place the order for 60 of these

Unfortunately this specific model has the 4GB soldered directly to the mainboard according the specs tab - 4GB onboard. Specs could be wrong though, but I don’t need a $150 doorstop.

I guess I was saved by the bell. Thanks to checkout button not working I didn’t order two of these thinking that I could upgrade the memory.
thank you for mentioning soldered RAM

There are ThinkPad Yoga 11 models that have SODIMM sockets for upgrading memory. I picked one up here last year but it was almost twice as much.

I bought a ThinkPad 11e from here back in 2015 for $199. If this one is like it the memory can be upgraded to 8 GB, which I did. Mine has held up well for 2 1/2 years. I use it daily at work and take it with me on trips. Its small size is perfect for carrying around and doing basic things like keeping up with various online forums, checking my email, etc.

A word of caution. I had a potential warranty issue about 11 months after I bought it. Although it came with a 1-yr warranty, I discovered that date began when the reseller on Woot purchased it from Lenova, NOT when I bought it. After many phone calls and emails to various people they agreed to change the warranty start date. By then, I had already fixed the problem.

Those experiencing checkout issues, are you running an adblocker, or are you using mobile or app?

Be careful not all of these let you add more RAM.

I have the 11e I bought a while ago from here, which allowed for RAM upgrades.

I got one of these the last time they came up. Mine did not have the soldered RAM. I was able to do the upgrades another user recommended, install 8GB RAM and swap out the HDD for a SSD. I did not, however, use the Win10 that comes installed. I promptly installed Linux Mint 18.3 and it’s been running great. I was a little taken aback with the appearance, when they say scratch and dent they mean it. It looks like it was used pretty hard, including a corner missing on the screen bezel. But everything has been working fine with it.

Might Linux Mint work w/ 4GB rather than needing 8GB. Also, does the touch screen work?


I suspect his purpose in re-installing Win8 to upgrade to 10 was to avoid activating the added Win10H add-on license. Thus reserving it for some other later use; perhaps in a build-your-own desktop or as a virtual machine in VBox. Interesting the strategies & tactics one learns by reading comments…

Got one of these about a month ago from Woot. Arrived missing about 5" of the screen border (broken off). Was told it was cosmetic only and to be expected. Computer has been great otherwise. Use for vehicle tuning and diagnostics.

Linux w/ 4GB will be a lot better than Win10 w/ 4GB. I have two older desktops each w/ 4GB and they are unbearably slow in Win10 (they were champs in XP).

Can anyone definitively say whether or not the RAM is soldered on? It seems it wasn’t on previous Woots but listing implies it may be today… I’d like to buy 3 for the office here but only if it’s possible to upgrade.