Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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The Celeron based N2930 models suck. FInd a Core-M model for the same price elsewhere if you want something you can actually use.

If you can find a Core M model elsewhere for the same price with otherwise equal specs you should post a link. I don’t think you will find it.

I bought a T-420 (grade B) from Tanga (they seem to be out of notebooks right now) and it is in perfect condition with an i5 Dual Core & 1GB Nvidia NVS for just a bit less than this one. Everything is replaceable so you can upgrade to an SSD and 2nd HDD, etc. Buying a refurb is always going to be a risky business though.

I think the i5 is 3rd Gen if you care… nice enough for my purposes.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong`. But I don’t think the T-420’s have Multimode Versatility or the Dragontrail® Glass Multitouch Display. Or do they?

Mine (trackpad) is typical nubby plastic that is flush with the surface unlike my Dell E6410 i7 (1st gen) which has the “trackpad in a ditch”… it’s not even a half millimeter but I hate it so much. The only thing I like about Apple is the glass trackpad.

I haven’t really played with it enough to quote specs yet… need to get on that.

Any Linux users know if this would be a good laptop to buy if I want to blow out Windows and install something like Ubuntu? Don’t really care if the touchscreen isn’t supported by Linux.

If you go to the Wootstalker post at top then under Previous Similar Sales click on 5/19/2018, someone in that thread spaeaks of installing Linux Mint 18.1 on one of these

Cool, thanks!

I bought one of these the last time woot had them up, not a powerhouse by any means but a decent little travel laptop.

These are great if you want to install Xubuntu for a quick and dirty traveler laptop. I helped two people with these. I was even given one by a friend that had upgraded. It runs fast and I somehow got the touchscreen to work.

This was always a budget laptop, but you can pick up a 120GB SSD for about $40 and replace the HD. Performance should be decent, if not fantastic. Can’t beat the price for a touchscreen ultrabook (although, to be honest, I’ve had mixed results with refurbs from Woot).

Got one of these last time. Yuck. Sent it back. Windows 10 was bad enough, but the track-pad was terrible, I tied all day to adjust and never could get it to work right.
Figured I would try to load win 7 on it and see how that would work, surprise, can’t put win 7 on it.
Just was to much trouble. Good Luck.

I got one a couple months ago when they came up and it works a treat with Mint Cinnamon 18.3. After about a month of use I upgraded the RAM to 8GB, and replaced the HDD with a SSD. Those two things cost as much as the laptop (at this price). If I was going to pick the one that made the biggest impact it would be the RAM upgrade. Touchscreen works fine, but tablet mode isn’t really viable in Linux.

I’ve had good luck with Manjaro Linux on Thinkpads. Also Endless OS. As usual, try the LIVE version first to make sure everything works before installing. Manjaro was a LOT faster than Endless, but Endless is a bit like Linux with training wheels.

Thanks for all the input on putting Linux on one of these. In for one.

I got a slightly different model from Woot last year (ThinkPad Yoga 11-G3, with upgradeable memory) and have Linux Mint on it. The touchscreen worked right away but it doesn’t do tablet mode automatically.

As far as I can tell the model offered today does not have upgradeable memory (it lists onboard which usually means soldered to mainboard), but Linux will use 4GB a lot more efficiently than Win10.

What generation is this ThinkPad?

Got this last time. Was in great shape.
Upgraded to a SSD and 8GB memory.
Now a great travel laptop.