Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11" Ultrabook (S&D)
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have a couple of questions here:

  1. The description under “today’s woot” is that this comes with Win10Pro. The specs page lists the operating system as Win10Pro, but many of the images that show the Metro screen state “Pardon our Image: This laptop will come with Windows 10 Home, not Windows 8”. What operating system is installed?

  2. What is the exact model number? The 11e includes such additional sub-models as 20D9 and 20DA. I want to review the technical reference manual to see if the memory is upgradeable, and the specs just say "4 GB DDR3L (oboard). The 20D9 and 20DA have removable memory, so this does make a difference,

As an example, the 20D9/20DA manual is available at https://thinkpads.com/support/hmm/hmm_pdf/tp_11e_yoga11e_hmm_en_sp40f29949.pdf

i have the same questions/ specifically is the memory upgradable

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Bought one of these last time around, and regret it. It’s a model made for the educational market, and the version I have has identical specs, except it runs at a snails pace on Win10 Home. I can’t image how this would sputter along on Pro.

Possibly a good deal for the right application, but I wouldn’t recommend as a daily driver unless you have an abundance of patience.

Got a refurb 131E (educational use model with bumpers, etc.)here in December and it was a poor choice. I cannot tell you if this is the same supplier, but read on.

First, the refurbisher had the OS setup configured so the whole thing installed on the first power-up, not ready to go.

DO NOT turn it on until it is fully charged and then keep it plugged in until it is installed 100%!

I just turned mine on to see if it was charged at all and the install started automatically, the battery died in a few minutes and the install never worked.

The company (perhaps this one?) could not help and directed me to Microsoft to get an OS and Lenovo to get all the needed drivers.

Second, it seemed like the keys had been refinished with some kind of waxy coating to make them look shiny and new. It wore off right away, and now they look like cr-p.

Finally, half the keys stopped working just outside the warranty.

Will this happen with this batch and is it from the same outfit? I can’t say. But look carefully at the plastic bag around the laptop. If it says “Charge for 9 hours before using” it may be the same scheme.

I tired one of these thinking I could put win 7 on a ssd and bump up the ram.

  1. takes a small/thin ssd.
  2. Could not install win7, needed usb drivers for the ext dvd or thumb drive.
  3. The trackpad was baddd, tried adjusting it and never could get it to work right.
  4. Win 10 anything, yuck!
    Sent it back, could not GIVE me one.
    Hope this helps.


I bought one today. I only plan to use it to do legal research and Word on it for the most part. I figure it’ll be very slow but I give it a try. I have a 256GB SSD I might use if it’ll fit. Wouldnt mind more ram as well

Bought one of these in April 2017. Lasted just over one year until the warranty expired and then died due to a motherboard problem.

An answer here would be nice!!!

Hi there. This comes with Windows 10 Pro. The captions in the photos were a remnant from a cloned sale. Our bad.

Terrible laptop - just sent mine off to electronics recycling.

I did manage to get Ubuntu running on it. The screen was kinda okay, but several of the keys immediately developed issues with phantom and missing keypresses to where simply logging in was taking several retries.

A lot of sluggish laptops to well with several “friendly” versions of Linux. I like Endless OS (great for kids if you have bad or no Interet) s well as Manjaro, Ubuntu, etc.

Not as scary as it once was.

My Acer Cloudbook roars with Linux, whines with Windows.

Also something to be cautious of is Last time they sold the Yoga 11E it was sold as Win10Pro but only came w/ home. They were unable to fix that