Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G2 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

was hoping to see this in woot off yesterday. thought I remember seeing it offered for $269 at one point but could have been slightly different model. seem to be a bunch of different versions out there. anyone know much about this unit? seems to be a good deal. todays main woot page is offering the chrome book version for $249. can that one be converted to windows if needed? Thanks

what is the model #?


Well, it depends really. If you have the required space (HDD), memory (RAM) and the processor speed, then I don’t see why you can’t install windows. Just make a bootable disk and boot from disk and follow the steps. Whats better is, try getting a OEM disk from manufacturer (some give it for free, some charge $10-15) and use that to install. If the BIOS Chip has a windows UUID already on it you won’t even need to buy windows it will be activated automatically as soon as its installed, however I doubt that it will have UUID key for windows 10 given its a chromebook. But you can look at the Bios on chromebook to see that field and take your chances.

I haven’t done this myself on a brand new chromebook but I have compiled my own chromeOS and ran it on a machine nd then had linux (ubuntu 12 LTS) on it and now have windows on it. Though originally it was a windows machine.

Hope that helps.