Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $279.99
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What is the ‘pre-loaded’ educational software? I see nothing’s actually listed in the description.

$199 @ Sam’s Club and less than $279 at several other sellers according to my Google Search.


The Sams Club deal is a Chromebook, only 16GB storage ‘hard drive’. This one has a 128GB SSD and Windows 10 OS.

The description comes directly from Lenovo’s website and it’s not listed there either. I bought one of these from Amazon for my wife and looking through the software on hers there is nothing I would count as “educational.”

It’s possible it’s just hype on Lenovo’s part and what they’re referring to are standard Windows apps or the “Get Office” option.

From a user point of view these are OK if all you’re going to do is check email and browse the Internet but for serious work the screen is small and usage cumbersome as a result of being small. She found it difficult to use for her work while on the road. It is also heavier than I expected for such a small machine. In the end I bought a standard sized Dell laptop for her instead.

If you’re looking for a small notebook and your needs are not too demanding then these will do well.

My family has four Lenovo 11e’s: two Yogas and two non-touch versions. These are great for what they are: indestructible workhorses that can play some games to keep the kids happy. My daughter (sophomore in high school) uses her Yoga on a daily basis, particularly for English and AP European history. My son (7th grade) plays Paragon on Steam and does some of his online homework (Edmodo, iReady) on it. I use my Yoga for everything work related except video editing. I use a second monitor, keyboard, and mouse at home. These computers get lugged around in backpacks to and from home and school. It has been a year now and there are no durability problems.
Now, the prices were $50-$100 less a year ago, so these were a must buy back then. At this price it is still a good buy if you need something to survive the rigors of middle and high school.

We weren’t sure either so we removed the reference.

However, there are quite a few free edcuational apps available from the Microsoft Apps Store.

Even though Microsoft (I am sure) would be overjoyed at everyone using their app store and nothing else the fact is there are still many alternatives out there to be found simply by doing a little digging in Google or whichever search engine you like most. The MS app store is not the only place to find quality software.

It’s ok. I wasn’t paid for that link. :slight_smile: