Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

It depends on who is selling it on Amazon. Amazon charges sales tax in most states. 3P vendors on Amazon aren’t subject to that.

Each state also defines what is subject to taxes.

More on the Amazon Sales tax

Whether or not Amazon adds tax, we’re all SUPPOSED to be paying tax on internet purchases (at least IL has that tax law.)

Can it walk up stairs by itself? The picture seems to imply it does.

Not only did this make me chuckle, I scrolled back up to view the picture!!!

and, considering I have about five or six of these that I bought on woot!, I already know that about the screens. Which is really too bad, because then I would have 25 screens!!

I can attest to the durability, extremely long battery life, excellence in web-browsing and netflix, flexibility in security options: Password, or picture for those that can’t/won’t type (like little kids). Other things I love: Can’t see any dings despite dropping it several times, It does NOT run hot, the keyboard has a nice feel to it and is comfortably laid out, and I also feel like Cortana is my new friend . . .

I took note of your memory upgrade recommendation, and will look to do the same. Found some on Amazon for under $50

I got one of these computers the last time that it was on sale on Woot and it’s been a nightmare. So slow that it’s unusable - minutes of waiting to open an internet browser, much less search. I’ve sent it back to Lenovo for repairs twice and they’ve just wiped it and sent it back. When I called they weren’t useful on the phone. All in all, I recommend getting a different brand. ANY other. (Although being able to flip thee screen around is cool - but it’s not cool if it doesn’t work reliably!)

I bought one of these the last time around. The good news was that upgrading the memory was trivially easy. And the better news was that the memory I’d bought to upgrade my current laptop fit the new one. I couldn’t upgrade my current HP because you literally had to disassemble everything to do the memory swap. For this one, 6 screws (maybe 7) out, pop and screw the case back together. It took 3 minutes.

The bad news is the performance is still mediocre, but I think it’s really a Win10 issue. One of the processes just eats up CPU cycles. I think it’s the Win10 antimalware software, but that machine is at home and I’m not so I can’t check. If I kill that process, the performance is fine, but the process periodically comes back to life :frowning:


Can you load microsoft office on this machine?

I did

Same experience here (except 6 months left on warranty) but I noticed it when setting up the Lenovo Companion Updater software (I tend to keep manufacturer bloatware for the first year or 2) …called Lenovo straight away and they made it right.

I bought 2 of these at Woot about
a year ago and really like them (one for tech challenged sister so I could set them up identically and know what she was asking about over phone…)

Me, too. I have some Jasc PaintShop Pro software from WinXP days that went on it, too (via usb disc drive)

Mine was from this Woot last year http://computers.woot.com/offers/lenovo-thinkpad-yoga-11-6-touch-ultrabook-14 and has a slightly dif processor, but rest of specs are pretty similar…I immediately upgraded to 8gig of RAM, but it ran pretty much the same at 4 (I’d already ordered the RAM when I ordered laptop…) I rarely do more than one thing at a time because of small screen, but I watch Netflix via the included Windows app (I like app better than browser version, though I’ve done that, too) for a bit most nights…it’s great for changing angles and positions as I lounge about–way better than a tablet, even in case, and pic and sound seem good to me. I’ve watched NFlix while downloading Windows updates, no problem…it’s mostly what I use it for–that and playing the Win7 card games I put on it to help me get to sleep

For someone who has one… How is the screen when viewing it in sunlight (outside)?

Dandy little machine! Not a speed demon, but fast enough for general use. I upgraded mine to 8 gig of RAM, and I shut down some of the processes running in the background, which helped some. I also swapped the hard drive out for a 480 gig SSD I had laying around so I could load it up with my lossless music files.

Someone above asked about putting Office on it; no problem.

I highly recommend it if you don’t need one with more horsepower. It’s a rock solid machine and a good size for carrying around.

This has been my experience. I’m not able to watch Netflix or Crunchyroll using a web browser. Works fine in the Metro apps though. And yes, the Windows Defender AntiMalware service is constantly chewing up CPU. Good for network maintenance and very basic tasks, but overall, I wish I’d spent an extra $600 on something with better performance.