Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

What is the Lenovo model number, please?

Here you go: 20GA000KUS

The biggest drawback to these ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabooks is the the Celeron processor.

It is S-S-S-L-L-O-O-O-O-O-W-W-W-W!!

Don’t let the quad core status fool you, this is a terribly underpowered cpu best for only the simplest of tasks. And lots of waiting for it do those tasks.

On the other hand, the 128 GB solid state drive and four gigabytes of RAM (8 GB Max) are a vast improvement over what is available in the HP Stream laptop or similar competitors from Dell which typically only have a 32 GB drive and a mere 2 GB of max RAM.

And I would have bought one if I had checked my emails earlier.

Is the memory really upgradable or is the RAM memory soldered onto the motherboard?

It’s not soldered.

Chiming in. Yes - even with the upgrade to 8GB of RAM, this thing is slooooooooow. I mean, so underpowered that it chokes on long facebook threads slow. I still use it for basic administration tasks though, and it’s fine for that. It’s also great for lengthy bouts of typing. The keyboard is truly wonderful.

can i use a mouse with it?

I don’t see why not…

PC Support Specialist here. I’ve got a bunch of computers and I build desktops as well. I purchased this 2-in-1 as something to have around the house for very basic use.

While this is not a “fast” device, I would not call it “slow” either, especially at this price point. After all, you get what you pay for. Basically if you are on a continuous scrolling page, like a blog or facebook, you will experience some lag (2-5 seconds) as you scroll quickly. Keep the laptop trim by not installing too many programs and apps, especially ones that run in the background. If those two things are an issue for you, I would recommend spending more on something with at least an i5 processor.

The build quality is excellent. Laptop feels as sturdy as it looks. For some, the added weight for rigidity may be a draw back but for me it’s a plus.

TLDR, this is the best budget 2-in-1 for the price right now. The speed is modest and the physical build is sturdy.

I am very disappointed with how slow this laptop responds. I thought the touch screen was unresponsive compared to my iPad-3. But now I think the CPU is the problem. I would not buy this again or recommend it. Fortunately I only purchased it for traveling and to control my music server and not every day use. My iPad smokes this turtle but I wanted features not found on iPads and I use W10 on my desktop so I thought it would be a great companion.

I bought a faulty one myself. The audio system is horrible. It would completely stop working sometimes or just make a screeching noise that makes me want to kill myself. The screen also goes off and on, randomly. It is incredibly slow as well. It was marketed as being perfect for college students but students need speed and this is just not right. I am not buying electronics from woot anymore.

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