Lenovo ThinkStation D20 Intel Xeon 1TB Workstation

Star buy out of all would be this one:


The 2x Xeon X5690 alone would cost you 400 USD with the current market value.

Is this a true dual processor system? Can this run ESXi 6?


This Dell
has the advantage of having pcie v3 and the closest passmark but with one cpu (11.8k vs 14.3k for the x5690).
I’m conflicted but then again my ts140 is still trucking along.

Based one the VMWare HCL, this should run just fine. Yes, a true dual processors system.

The reason why X5690 is still rocking along is because overclock-ability on motherboard such as EVGA SR-2. You can easily run this at 4GHz on air cooling and in pair, we are looking at 20000 Passmark value.

I bought one last time they were on sale about a month ago. It is dual processor, and mine came with 16GB of ram instead of the stated 8GB. Additionally, the Windows 7 installation upgraded/activated to Windows 10 Pro with no problems. A definite steal for $350.

Unfortunately, No USB 3.0 in specs.

It’s easily solvable by getting a PCI Express USB 3 card or even USB3.1/C connection.