Lenovo Thinkstation P500 Intel Xeon Desktop

I cannot find specs on a 2GB Quadro K2200 board anywhere - is it possible this has a 4GB card, or maybe the 2GB K2000?

Agreed - same question. If you look up this series with stock 32GB of ram only one model comes up- Model 30A70031++

Specs for this model are as follows: Processor: E5-1650 v3 6C/3.5GHz/ 15MB/140W/2133MHz
Video Card: Quadro K2200 4GB
Internal Disk: 240GB 2.5" SATA6Gbs SSD+1TB 3.5" SATA6Gbs 7.2K

Vendor confirmed Nvidia Quadro K2200 (DVI, DP, DP) – 4GB DDR5 ATX.