Lenovo ThinkVision 23" Full-HD Monitor

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Lenovo ThinkVision 23" Full-HD Monitor
Price: $119.99
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Condition: New


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Here is the User Guide

Would be awesome…except no HDMI! I prefer HDMI, even though these are actually computer monitors.

Good price. I would need to pass though.

Just get a HDMI-DVID conversion cable…I use that to hook my xbox to my PC monitor all the time.

Just learned this a couple days ago so I’ll pass it on to any newbies like myself. Wanted to hook my TV in the other room to my computer via a 40’ HDMI which worked great (luckily my video card also supported audio so only the one cable). This left me with a Display Port out (which my 24" Asus monitor lacks) and a DVI. So I picked up a 6’ DVI cable on the 'bay for $3 and I can’t tell the difference to the HDMI that I had it hooked up to previously. The only real drawback to DVI is it doesn’t always support audio but that doesn’t matter in this case since this monitor doesn’t have speakers.

All things considered, DVI and HDMI both carry digital signals and are interchangeable when it comes to picture quality as explained here. VGA on the other hand? Garbage, especially on a 23" screen!

DVI and HDMI being equal (save audio, which is hit or miss w/DVI), this is a great deal. If I hadn’t just gotten a righteous deal on a Samsung 23" (on Craigslist), I’d be all over this. Heck, I’d buy two.

Electrically speaking, HDMI and DVI are essentially identical. HDMI (usually) carries audio signals, whereas DVI (usually) does not; and copy protection (HDCP) is mandatory with HDMI, whereas it’s optional on DVI.

Yufool might prefer HDMI because of connector size and large number of cabling options.
It is correct that you can get adapters though.
It is an HDCP compliant monitor as well, reference sheet for multiple Lenovo models.

The only thing I’m left trying to figure out is if the screen is glossy or not? So far I can’t even find much for reviews of this monitor yet.

The screen is not glossy.

Not fast enough, but otherwise it seems like a good buy.

I’ve got two 24 inch Thinkvision on my desk and love them. Very high quality.