Lenovo Twist 12.5" Intel Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo Twist 12.5" Intel Touch Ultrabook
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Wish the ram was expandable. The search for my next laptop continues…

My 2004 HP 2730p is showing its age. I have a small business which I need a laptop for portability to meet with customers and use in my vehicle on the road. I also have a full time contract job that I need MS Office, 2 Chrome windows open along with all the Google+ apps and there is sluggishness which is very apparent on my laptop. I bought her in 2004 and she has served me well.

I’m in the market for a new <15" screen laptop. This Lenovo almost fits me needs, but:

  1. i3 processor. I’m afraid I need an i5
  2. 4GB of RAM that is soldered on which is can’t be upgraded. I want to be able to have 8GB at a minimum.

I would love a Lenovo, they make business/work/durable devices. The T440s that fits my needs is ~$959 which I could buy 2 of the Woot deals. Help me out Woot!

Based on what you described it will be used for, you wont need an i3 let alone an i5. Nor that much ram.

Honestly if you need an ‘all day on the go’ work horse, I’d say check out the Asus X205TA. It’s my new business laptop and I can squeeze 13 hours straight out of it. After 8-10 tabs on chrome it starts to slow down, other than that its extremely responsive and very nice for the price ($179.99 microsoft store)

Yesterday’s Dell would have met your needs and been a road warrior, but I agree with the guy above - you probably would be well served with a Celeron (for Broadwell versions get a 3205U, 3755U, or Pentium 3805U the lower ones are Atoms).

I don’t try to get computer equipment and keep it like I would a car or other product. The prices have come way down from then, but I bought a top of the line machine back in 1996 ($5K Dell) and kept it going for 5 years. At the end I realized that I would have been much better off by getting a new $1K laptop every year. Now my target is around $2-300 with the features that I need.

I’m brand agnostic, I have a two Dell’s, an ASUS, and a Lenovo (of various generations) in my apartment right now (I am pretty much the initial cost subsidizer and help-desk for my nieces and nephews).


Thanks, just the question I needed answered. The search continues…

OK, so I’ve actually owned this sucker with the exact same specs except mine was an i5 (same processor as the Surface Pro). I bought this as a refurb on sale direct from Lenovo with the i5 for less than this price about a year and a half ago. Not much less mind you, but still less.

Screen was plenty durable for all of the swiveling I did with it and it had a good effect on everybody who saw it. Screen resolution itself was lower than I would’ve preferred, particularly on a 12.5" screen (which also made using the thing in tablet mode a little cumbersome). It was also a little heavier than I would’ve liked, but it still felt solid.

As for performance, and at least what I was trying to use it for, 4 gigs of RAM wasn’t enough. It was constantly running (on boot) at about 50-65% memory utilization. If somebody is using this as just a straight business laptop I think it could be fine. The 500 gig hard drive was extremely nice and the integrated cache drive did add some zip to Windows.

Battery life was definitely lower than what Lenovo claimed, but certainly not bad at all. I could take it to work without lugging the power cable around for the whole day and only charge when I got home.

I eventually traded up to another Lenovo (with Haswell) and gave this one to my uncle who’s been using it with little issue for the past year.

Some things to pay attention to with this laptop is that the wireless driver it comes with is garbage and will need to be upgraded right away and/or have the settings modified (otherwise you’ll get extremely inconsistent wifi performance). There’s also a known issue where eventually the connector for the hard drive can come loose. Certainly fixable but a pain in the rear anyway (my uncle just had this come up).

If you’re thinking you’ll use this mostly as a tablet, you won’t. This is a laptop first and it won’t go replacing any tablets anytime soon.

Ouch, under cut by BestBuy.
$475 + Free S&H:

Would be more interesting if that page said how much memory it had and about the HDD & SDD. Otherwise, pretty hard to compare.

Thanks for the tips from you and mweav6387! I’m really torn now on what my approach to buying a new laptop is going to be:

My home business laptop needs may not be much. I would think having a huge Excel sheet, 2 Chrome windows (4-8 tabs in each) along with Google+ apps (email, Hangout with chat and video calls, Google Doc and Sheets) can be handled by an i3 or lower processor.

On the personal side, I want to start doing some video editing of my family videos along with messing more with my RAW pictures.

My home business is picking up the tab for this one laptop so I thought I’d spec it out for longevity, but maybe shoot lower to just get by for 1-2 years and think about upgrading.

The sales folks I’ve been talking to are probably upselling me their laptops instead of giving me the low down of what I need for now.

Thanks for the help, I may need to rethink my approach to this purchase.

Hey, this is the laptop I have at work except that mine has an i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM. If you’re going to use it for anything other than web surfing, I would say that 4 GB isn’t going to cut it. Mine is 2 years old and I just started getting a ‘no battery detected’ error, so while it still runs, I’m not sure how long it will continue to do so unplugged. The big issue for me with this is that even prior to this, the battery life was abysmal. Best case scenario is that I could get 3 hours of minimal use in meetings without having to plug it back in. The other anomaly was that I would turn it off with 100% charge, let it sit over the weekend, then boot up Monday morning and sometimes it would say I had a 65% charge. I don’t know what was draining the battery while it was turned off.

So the brief summary is, I don’t think this is enough RAM and power/battery issues would make me think twice about getting one for personal use. Oh, and occasionally I open it up and the screen is upside down. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to twist the screen into tablet mode, turn it upside down, and then twist it back to laptop mode. That’s a little irritating.