Lenovo W550S 15.6" Intel i7 128G Workstation

I have this laptop through my job, and mine is beefier - it has the same CPU and GPU but has 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD.

And it is a piece. Of. Crap. It’s flaky as hell. It has a hard time coming out of standby. It’s slow for what it is, compared to my Alienware 13 (which has a fourth-gen i5 and a slower SSD - SATA instead of M.2). We get to do what we want with our machines, so I’m not running any bulky enterprise BS on it. It’s just laggy.

My teammates who started before we bought these machines have an older ThinkPad - I think the W540 - and have far fewer problems with them. Those of us with the W550s frequently have complaints about peformance and stability.

My experience is different. I have this model with Windows 7 on it. It operates fine, the battery life with max brightness most of the time and browser(s) in the background is nearly all day, 9-11 hours. The CPU Benchmark is about half of the W530 I’m typing on, but this W530 only can go a few hours even with the max life battery.
The problem for me is it is more fragile. It is not poorly constructed, but I got used to Lenovo laptops handling accidental drops. This one I have to be much more careful with (and thus, whatever you do, I’d advise going to Lenovo.com and extending this warranty by a few years. That’s what saved me.).
I am thinking about it, but work still mainly operating on Windows 7, and I’d almost have to upgrade to Windows 10 on this one (I hate Windows 8). The only computers I buy from Woot are new Lenovos, so that I can extend the warranty and not worry about refurb quality. I bought this W530, for example, from Woot.

The headline and specs list this laptop as having a 128GB solid state HDD, but the description under “Features” says this: “SATA 256GB solid state drive for an amazingly smooth and fast computing experience”

What is the actual HDD type and capacity?

Sorry, 128GB is correct. The sale is updated. Thanks for pointing that out!