Lenovo X1 12" 256GB M7 Detachable Laptop

I bought this during the last round and paid $50 more for the m7 version. I am thrilled with it. I am trying to avoid buying a second. If I could get the M7 with LTE, I would buy it.

I bought this to replace the combo of my work Latitude E7450 and venue 8 pro (which I travelled with for movies). This replaces both effectively. It has had no issues with the office apps, email, web consoles, etc. I do not use it for anything heavy like virtual machines or Photoshop.

The form factor is good. It is quite thin and bately thicker than my venue 8 pro. It is less than half as thick as my latitude and weighs almost nothing making it much easier to carry around day to day. I haven’t had to fly with it yet, but I am looking forward to it.

The kickstand swings down so it creates a better platform than the swing out types like surface pro or HP x2. It easily works on a flat lap and I have even used it to present via web session from the drivers seat (parked of course). The kickstand does require some extra room behind the unit unlike a laptop which can be pushed up right in front of anything behind it. The kickstand tends to slide underneath things and make a racket when you forget and just pick it up.

The tablet is just a big tablet. It is easy to pull the keyboard off and carry it around or watch content or browse the web. When out, the kickstand doesnt offer as much flexibility as a folio case, but it gets the job done. I do not use a case with this as I want to keep it as small as possible.

Some inteteresring nerd stuff:
The unit is really easy to open to access the ssd and the battery which may need replacing eventually. I will probably upgrade the storage at some point, but with a micro SD card and 256 GB, it should be fine for a while. Memory, CPU, etc. are all soldered to the main board. The only things that can be swapped is the drive, WLAN, and WWAN cards.

My unit did not come with a TPM option, so I couldn’t use bitlocker. The included SSD is self encrypting though which is a better option in my opinion. I have boot time passwords for the system and the drive. My SD card only has movies so it isn’t encrypted. The second M.2 port seems to be for WWAN cards only. It is either USB or PCI-e. I tested with and M.2 2242 SATA drive and it was not recognized. I am not willing to dump money into an M.2 PCI-e 2242 card to test it out evwn if I founs one. My dreams of a multi-boot device have been dashed. As for the WWAN, the cards are about $70 on eBay. However, the antenna assemblies are nowhere to be found. I really want to get LTE now that storage isn’t an option but finding the antenna is nearly impossible right now. Maybe as these age out, parts will start to hit eBay. It requires some work to get the antenna installed, but doesn’t seem too difficult.

The keyboard is really nice with a touchpad and TP “nub”. Other than some twisting from a flexible hinge, it is solid. Keys have a food feel and the mouse action is great. It feels almost as good as my W530. The track pad is not the glass-smooth type but the typical ThinkPad type.

I have not used the pen at all other than to make sure it worked. I believe this is the same high quality Wacom digitizer in the ThinkPad Flex units. I may have my digital artist kid take a stab at it.

Overall I am very impressed with a core 7 machine with 8 GB RAM. It is really fast and perfectly portable. Other than the few times I wish I had a hinged screen, this is an absolutely perfect laptop.

So the m7 model comes with a 3 year warranty?

Can the keyboard be used while not connected to the tablet? Just wondering if the tablet could be lifted to a better eye height, while the keyboard rests on the desk.

Tablet is magetic pogo connector, not Bluetooth