Lenovo X1 12" M5 256GB Detachable Laptop

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Lenovo X1 12" M5 256GB Detachable Laptop
Price: $679.99
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Condition: New


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Um… Am I good to assume that these are not involved in today’s ThinkPad recall?


Recall is only for Canada. Lenovo laptops on fire have not been observed in USA, only Canada.

Nothing to see here, move along.

I bought one of these in the last offer. Machine type for mine is 20GG, therefore not included in recall. Also, recall covers “Carbon” models. CPSC site says most of the affected units were sold in the US.

I’m really happy with mine.

Specs say it supports a max 64 gig card, I have a 256gig in mine that I store my VMware images on.

I believe this is not included in the recall. However the recall affects 78000 laptops in the US and 9000 in Canada. Laptops built between December 2016-October 2017


Amazing price for a tablet-laptop PC. Makes me wonder if this style of PC is starting to get less attention in the market?

I sooooo much want to like the Surface/X1 form factor but every time I take one home to work on (I am in charge of computer equipment at a medium sized company), my desire dies when I use it on my lap or the armrest of my couch. I type too much to use an on screen keyboard and the footprint/flimsiness with the keyboard and the kickstand make them impractical to use anywhere other than a solid flat surface. Unless you have a specific use case in mind where you need a full laptops computing power in a tablet form you are probably better off with a convertible laptop like a Yoga or some less costly tablet with lesser specs.

I think that the first generation of tablet users are getting to the point of replacing them and figured out that the functionality lost by dropping a hinged keyboard doesn’t make up for the pound loss in weight.

No RJ-45 no LAN is a deal breaker for me. I will pass.

The kickstand is actually hinged at the bottom. It drops down, not out. It isn’t ideal, but I have spent several hours with one on my lap and it was not bad at all. It is infinitely better than the middle hinged variety.

The keyboard does twist a little when typing at the bottom corners, but is probably equivalent to a non-
ThinkPad keyboard on a regular laptop. They nailed this form factor. It is so much thinner and lighter than my kids ThinkPad Yoga 14 (which is awesome too).

There are plug-in docks if you need an RJ-45 connection in a stationary location. If you need the ability to plug in to a place like a server room, there are usb c travel adapters for $45 or so on amazon that may work. It feels like a throw back to the 90s where you had to have a dongle. Check compatibility!

Overall I am really happy with my 20gg (m7). WWAn port does not appear to be drive compatible. WWAN antenna kits is not necessarily included and difficult to source if you want to go and get the 4G LTE card.

You be careful. What Lenovo masks cannot be trusted. Not exactly Fezzik’s quote. But do not forget that Lenovo was caught 3 times installing various spyware and backdoors [before our gvt overlords mandated their implementation]. Upshot: 750,000 infected. $3.5 Mil fine [Do some math] $4.67/laptop and victims got nothing. Be aware.

You must not come here often. Never tried to type bag of crap?

People sometimes tell me I should get it permanently attached
But, I don’t know
Even though it’s sometimes a pain in the ass
I like having a detachable laptop

Just FYI: I ordered & received mine end of February, 2018. It died early March 2018. Won’t turn on. Plugged it in & it won’t even show that it’s getting a charge :frowning:

I’m sorry. Have you contacted Lenovo? You have a one-year warranty with them.