Lenovo X1 Carbon 14" i7 Touch Ultrabook

Easily the best, most reliable notebook I’ve ever had. Sure it runs out of gas playing any kind of game, or trying to do voice transcription. Super lightweight, long battery. Only minor issues for me with keyboard key placement.

But…it’s Dual Core,…DDR3 and Windows 8…all for $1100 !!!
Pass !

At least it’s not the 2nd gen with the bar of touching in place of the function keys.

Edit: errr, wait, does it? I saw a newer gen CPU and was hoping, since it wasn’t Haswell, that it wasn’t 2nd gen…

What Ultrabook isn’t a dual core with HT?

This is an ambiguous post. 2nd Gen’s picture but 3rd Gen’s cpu spec isn’t it?

Updated the images. This is a 3rd Generation model.

Thanks for pointing out the problem!