Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Intel i7 Ultrabook

The X1 platform is currently on its 7th CPU generation. The i7 4600U available in this unit is 5 generations behind current technology. If you like vintage products this is the right pick! :frowning:

Haswell is a perfectly workable system today. I can’t afford it but I’d gladly pick it up for less money. From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) most of the optimization in recent years have been focused on improving energy efficiency and thus battery life. If you’re tethered to the desk all day like I am this machine should be adequate (at a lower price point).

I picked up one of these from my local classifieds 2 weeks ago for $100 (used, 120 charge cycles, mint).

On it now. It’s nice, but the TN screen is pretty bad. Not very bright and viewing angles get bad if you aren’t exactly straight on looking at it. The trackpad is also the older version, i.e. a giant slab that feels strange when clicking (while using the red trackpoint).

Edit: also, the split Backspace/Delete button is the worst design ever. You will go mad when quickly typing and hitting backspace…will end up hitting delete. You’ll see. I guess that’s why they don’t show a closeup of the keyboard design. Sneaky.

It has a precursor to the Macbook touchbar. Pretty neat, but not really. Compliments my 15" MBP w/touchbar though lol. Old vs New I guess. Was ahead of it’s time.

Bad but not close to the worst. My new ASUS zenbook UX330UA , the delete button is above the backspace button, and just to the left of the POWER key. There is no power button other than that key but I ended up having to change the behavior of that key because it kept shutting down and losing all my work every time I went to hit “delete”. Now that is world class bad

true , but then why an ultrabook form factor, unless its for ease of getting from tethered point A to tethered point B I suppose…

This product is old technology and not a good investment. A couple hundred extra dollars will get you a newer more efficient processor. Its is just a matter of time until WOOT realizes that site visitors are catching up with the low quality products dumped on the site. It is just a matter of time for ‘positive’ spinning to negative reviews start popping-up here and there… misinformation maybe?

I would absolutely love to buy this at $100! Congrats on the nice find. :tada::confetti_ball: